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Huawei Petal Search version rolling out



Huawei Petal Search

Huawei is updating its Petal Search application with version number Yes! the application is very useful for Huawei users and also an alternative to Google Search. It provides you a similar experience to Google search or even much better.

With every update rollout, Huawei improves the over Petal Search app system in order to enhance the overall performance. Therefore, the corresponding app users need to download the APK size of 42.39 Megabytes.

The latest app update carries new stability and minor bug fixes for an enriched user experience. However, this update doesn’t include any official changelog but it will surely boost the performance.

Huawei Petal Search

Huawei Petal Search:

If we speak about Huawei Petal Search, it is one stop for all types of search and services. It means the world is in your palm now and you can explore it as much as you can. For a better user experience, the company is working constantly and distributing new optimizations through new updates.


The Petal Search offers searches for video, image, music, top news, weather forecasts, live sports scores, financial news, stock market updates as well as an app recommendation. Further, you can also search for your interest by text, visual, and voice.

In addition to this, Huawei makes sure that the user’s personal data such as search history, bookmarks, saved items and more will not be leaked. Therefore, the app has high-security protection tools.

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Google Play

Google Play Store rules troubling Android users in US



Google Play Store EMUI 12

Google Play Store has been causing some unlawful trouble for Android users in the US. As per the input revealings, the company is alleged by the California lawsuits of preserving forbidden Play Store rules and disobeying US anti-competition laws.

The story begins in July this year. The major authorities of 36 states sued the US tech maker. Accordingly, the authorities claimed that Google puts pressure on the developers for opting the Play Store practices irrespective of their convenience.

In addition, many app developers reported that Google forces them to use the Play Store in-app purchase system which cost 30% commission. Consequently, these steps keep Google far away from the market competition.

Thus, Google alleged for following illegal marketing concepts and creating trouble for Android users with Play Store rules. In the latest edition, the California lawsuits have proceeded with this matter as a consumer class action of 21 million individuals.


For your information, a class action is a type of regulation where a large number of people takes legal action against the same problem. Here, the class action consists of Android users of 12 US states including Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Eventually, this class action sought out damage of 4.7 billion USD. Meanwhile, California judge James Donato said in an order [PDF] that the company has halted the legal common practices for the tech makers in the market which leads to anti-competitive business.

Google denies the allegations

Significantly, Google kept its points in front of the lawmen and denied the allegations. The company said that they are working under legal rules and regulations without harming users’ concerns.

“We’re evaluating the ruling and after that, we’ll assess our options.”


It’s worth mentioning that Google has rolled out the user billing system to comfort developers worldwide. With this feature, developers can utilize their own in-app purchase system without making a share in the Play Store. However, the respective feature has still some time to come into effective usage.


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Download Huawei Celia Keyboard []




Huawei celia keyboard

Huawei Celia Keyboard is the new mobile keyboard app that allows users to make voice inputs on a smartphone. Celia Keyboard comes with several new features that improve accuracy and ease while typing and was much needed as Huawei’s own keyboard app.

It supports more than 170 languages and provides thousands of emojis, cool fonts, smiley faces, and four simple keyboard themes. With Celia Keyboard, you can not only type faster but spice up your messages with cool emojis.

Celia Keyboard is consist of two parts:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Main App

Keyboard: keyboard is the main interface, which allows users to input text and emojis, and all.

Main Application: all of the customizations could be made through the app interface which can be accessed through the app icon on the app drawer.


Key Features:


Text Input:

  1. Key Input Celia Keyboard supports Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty, Colemak, and Dvorak layouts.
  2. Glide Input (Gesture Typing) For some languages, Celia Keyboard allows you to type by gliding, without lifting your finger from the screen. This can greatly improve the efficiency of input.
  3. Voice Input Celia Keyboard supports voice input (it uses Huawei ASR) and improves user input efficiency and convenience by converting voice to text.
  4. Input Prediction Celia Keyboard provides input prediction. Complete words are suggested based on the letters the user has typed so far. For example, when the user enters “h” and “a” on the English keyboard, Celia will suggest words such as “have” and “happy”, and the user can enter the complete word by tapping it.
  5. Auto-correction Celia Keyboard is an intelligent keyboard that corrects spelling mistakes made by the user when typing. For example, when the user enters “happu” on the English keyboard, “happy” will be recommended as the correct spelling, and the user can click on the word or the Space key to display the correct word.
  6. Next-word Suggestion Celia Keyboard will intelligently suggest the next word a user may want to input, based on the context information entered by the user. For example, after the user enters the word “happy”, Celia Keyboard may suggest words such as “birthday” to the user in the prediction bar.
  7. Clipboard Celia Keyboard provides the clipboard function, allowing users to manage and use their own clipboard more conveniently.
  8. Cursor Operation Celia Keyboard supports cursor operation, allowing users to easily select, copy, cut, and delete text.

Rich Media Input:

  1. Emoji Input Celia Keyboard provides more than 1,000 different emoji expressions, allowing users to express themselves more vividly in a chat.
  2. Emoticon Input Celia Keyboard provides a wealth of emoticons to meet the needs of users for personalized expression in a chat.


  1. Theme Celia Keyboard comes with four simple themes for users to choose from.
  2. Font Celia Keyboard provides a range of beautiful fonts for free, and users can select the fonts on the keyboard.
  3. Sound Celia Keyboard supports a range of keypress sounds for free, and users can change the key tone of the keyboard.


  1. Language Celia Keyboard supports more than 170 languages.
  2. Resize Keyboard In order to accommodate the diverse habits of different users, Celia Keyboard allows users to adjust the size of the keyboard, so they can type in whatever way they find most comfortable.
  3. Sound The settings menu includes a volume slider for keypress sounds.
  4. Vibration Users can enable and disable keypress vibration and adjust the duration of vibration.
  5. Popup on keypress The settings menu includes a switch that allows users to enable and disable popups on keypress.
  6. Input-related users can adjust input-related functions, such as auto-correction and auto-capitalization, in accordance with their own preferences.
  7. Number Row The settings menu includes a switch that allows users to choose whether to display a separate number row on the top of the keyboard layout.
  8. Keyboard Mode Because different users have different preferences, Celia Keyboard offers a variety of keyboard modes, and users can choose whichever one they find most comfortable.
  9. Keyboard Layout In order to accommodate the diverse habits of different users, Celia Keyboard allows users to choose different keyboards by language, so they can type in whatever way they find most comfortable.
  10. Mechanical Keyboard Celia Keyboard provides users with a mechanical keyboard mode and different mechanical stem options, giving users a different input experience.

Latest Download:

November 28, 2022:

Huawei has released Celia Keyboard which comes with new optimizations for a better user experience and you can download it from the link given below.

Huawei celia keyboard

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Download Huawei HMS Core app (



download huawei HMS Core

Huawei Mobile Service or HMS is a suite of services that empowers smartphones. From inside, Huawei HMS Core makes your smartphone safe secure, and robust and allows you to run apps that you download from AppGallery.

It works between your app and mobile software and serves as a platform providing basic services for app development. HMS Core is based on Huawei Cloud services and also provides cloud capabilities for every app that falls under the HMS Core suit.

HMS Core backs essential services for AppGallery, GameCenter, Music, Video, Books, Themes, Member Center, and more.

As of November 2022, Huawei announced the integration of HMS Core in over 220000 mobile applications on AppGallery. HMS Core also enables apps to deliver fast app development for developers. It also supports all devices across 1+8+N scenarios.


HMS Core capabilities cover tablets, smart displays, watches, VR glasses, head units, smart speakers, PCs, earphones, and more.


Kits are important for HMS Core and work as a unit. Each kit has its unique name and fixed support team.

From the perspective of kit functions, each kit focuses on a function, and extends and enhances the function to some extent. For example, Push Kit focuses on the notification panel messaging function and extends the function to provide the data message function.

These kits include app services, smart devices, graphics, security, AI, system, and media.


Yeah, HMS Core is amazing and it’s powerful too. That’s why Huawei seeds new HMS Core updates via AppGallery and you can download them to keep your device running like new ones.

Latest update:

November 25, 2022:

Huawei HMS Core is out with some important fixes for user improvements, below you can check the latest download link.

  • Download Huawei HMS Core (link)

November 23, 2022:

Huawei HMS Core is rolling out with enhanced security and improvement for certain services to improve your user experience. It also fixes some bugs.


Download link:

  • Download HMS Core (link)

Note: You can also check for the latest HMS Core version via AppGallery, open it, and visit the “Me” section.

download huawei HMS Core

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