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Huawei Petal Maps (002) app update brings new optimizations



Huawei Petal Maps (002)

Huawei Petal Maps is grabbing a new app update that comes with version (002) and brings new optimizations to improve its performance. The installation of the latest Petal Maps version provides your more accurate and satisfying mapping as well as navigation service.

The new information reveals that Petal Maps’ most recent (002) version update arrives with a download package size of 49.2 Megabytes. Do want to know about the new optimizations? Well, it brings optimizations for the following features:

  • Virtual Navigation
  • Voice Search
  • Lane Guidance
  • Offline Maps
  • Levels & badges

If you are a Petal Maps app user and wanted to enhance your experience. We recommend you download and install the latest update and enjoy the new experience. So, you can grab the latest update by visiting our Petal Maps APK dedicated page [Link].

Huawei Petal Maps (002)

More about Huawei Petal Maps:

Huawei’s mapping and navigation service – Petal Maps is a powerful opponent to Google Maps. However, it is mainly useful for Huawei devices without GMS because of US sanctions.

This application server you all the functionalities that a Mapping application has and even more than that. Huawei Petal Maps launched with a better and easy-to-operate user interface and much more.

Now, Huawei smartwatches belonging to Watch GT 2 series are also upgrading and getting support for Petal Maps to bring on consumer’s wrist.

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