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Huawei Pay vs Google Pay: Which one protects your privacy better?



Huawei Pay Google privacy

Huawei and Google are often found standing against each other. And so are their applications and services. Today, we will discuss how Huawei Pay and Google Pay provide benefits to users and which one is more efficient in terms of privacy.

To begin with, Huawei Pay comes packed inside the Huawei Wallet applications. The respective service allows its users to securely make payments around the world (global version) without any interruptions.

On the other hand, Google Pay is an independent app with fast, and easy payment methods. It uses your credit or debit card and mobile number linked with your bank account to carry out suitable actions.

It is understood that both Huawei Pay and Google Pay are online payment platforms. Both apps are used to perform digital transactions more quickly and conveniently. However, it’s time to check how Huawei Pay and Google Pay work for your privacy.

Google Pay and Huawei Pay work on NFC (Near Field Communication)-based payment mechanisms. Yet, at some points, the way to complete a payment transaction differs in both systems. Eventually, this could let you think twice before using a payment application.

Google Pay: How does it work?

Every application has a different mechanism to work. Alternatively, Google Pay handles your privacy and confidential data effectively. It asks for your credit card details and bank info to create a UPI ID and PIN.

Further, the US tech maker stores these details securely in the Google servers and sends a unique recognition code to your phone. At times of payment, the company uses this code for identification and thereafter passes the accurate information to the bank for transactions.

Huawei Pay Google privacy

Huawei Pay: How does it work?

In comparison to Google Pay, Huawei Pay works in an entirely different manner. Unlike Google, Huawei does not store your card details or bank details on its servers. The company neither keeps it on your phone nor hands it out to third-party clients.

Instead, it uses a Device Card Number that resides inside your phone. While online transactions, the company does not track any information and protects your cards added to the application just like the bank does with your physical cards.

More benefits of Huawei Pay!

It’s worth mentioning that Huawei Pay brings additional benefits and facilities for consumers over Google Pay. For instance, you can use Huawei Pay without unlocking your smartphone or entering the Wallet app.

Next, Google Pay only works with a standard internet connection. But the Huawei app is free from all such limitations. Yes, you can make in-store payments in just one tap even when without internet services.

On the other hand, Google Pay still comes under privacy concerns. Users often deny using the application due to hacking reasons. While Huawei Pay has successfully crossed over 100 million monthly active users and continues to attain more consumers.

Though both applications serve beneficial features and services for users. On the other hand, both apps work deliberately to secure your details and provide you with a productive experience. However, the minor difference has a lot to say about these services.

Which payment app do you use? Google Pay or Huawei Pay or any other application? Let us know in the comment section.

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