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Huawei patents a new shooting technology for moon photography



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On January 11, Huawei has published the new patent entitled “a method and electronic device for moon photography” with announcement number CN109951633B in China. Huawei aims behind this shooting technology to capture the crystal-clear and beautiful moon without professional skills.

According to the patent information, the new Huawei shooting technology allows the to capture crystal clear moon in ordinary shooting mode. It means this technology improves the overall shooting experience of non-professional users.

The patent application discloses that it includes a process and electronic device for shooting the moon. The process automatically recognizes the moon in the preview screen and enters the moon shooting mode after recognizing the moon. It will automatically focus on the moon and display a well-defined image of the moon in the preview screen.

Also, according to the user’s shooting process, it collects multiple frames of moon images with clear outlines under different exposure parameters and aggregates images. To obtain clear outlines, crystal clear, and bright backgrounds as well as beautiful images of the moon.

Huawei moon shooting technology

Huawei Patents:

Last December, Huawei announced a new patent for Arteriosclerosis Detection with publication number CN113838567A in China. This patented technology can show the arterial detection status of the arteriosclerosis detector to remind the user that the arterial segment is the detection position of this identified artery.

Even if the user is a non-professional person, you can intuitively determine the arterial segment area detected during arteriosclerosis measurement.

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