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Huawei patent new feature for cross device camera shooting



huawei cross device camera

Huawei is exceeding its limit of research and development and the Chinese tech maker has recently filed a patent that reveals features for better cross device camera shooting.

Huawei has a new patent with application number CN115514883A, the patent is named “cross device collaborative shooting method, related devices, and systems”

Yes, there’s a patent description, which reveals the working mechanism of the cross device Huawei camera shooting feature.

huawei new cross device camera

According to the patent description, the feature allows the parent device to use collaborative shooting with the sub device. The parent device can receive the user input to apply changes directly to the connected sub device.

Interestingly, the changes made in the image in the sub-device could directly be transferred to the parent device, as it is.

Giving the control of cross device camera shooting now only allows the parent device to control the shutter button but also allows to control the shooting effect of the sub device. This creates a complete remote control of the camera application and imitates it on other Huawei devices.

Cross device feature:

Huawei already has such a feature for HarmonyOS software, which allows you to share camera controls with another HarmonyOS-powered smartphone or tablet. The feature allows you to also use the camera for video calling and live streaming through a third-party app.

(via – ithome)

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