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Huawei patent for stator core components and motor electric vehicles



On July 15, 2020, Huawei applied for the patent stator components, motors, and electric vehicles, which was passed with publication number CN212850004U in China on March 31, 2021.

The patent document shows that it contains information about stator assembly and motor electric vehicles. This stator body consisted of the stator core and windings components.

The Stator core is composed of two walls, an outer and an inner wall, which placed on the opposite side of each other. The inner wall involves a number of stator slots, arranged at intervals on the boundary of the stator core along the radial direction of the stator core. While the Stator Slot is identically parted into multiple slot layers in which a set of three adjacent stators makes a stator slot group.

Winding included the three-phase windings, which sequentially and alternately wound in different stator slot groups along the curved edges of the stator core. Each phase winding has three branches connected in parallel, and the three branches are rotationally symmetrical around the axial direction of the stator core.

Based on the stator assembly, these three branches of the in-phase winding can be in a state of potential balance, so as to avoid the circulation phenomenon between the branches of the in-phase winding as much as possible.

Other than this the company didn’t reveal much information. It is just a paper summary, there no sign of the development of this kind of product yet.

Besides, Huawei has recently filled the new patent related to the navigation method. The patent application describes the navigation method, device, system, and furthermore, it is also inter-connected to the field of smart driving.


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