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Huawei P50 could use new camera frame adjustment technology that increase video image quality



Huawei fans are waiting for the launch of the Huawei P50 series but the company is currently working on the supply chain and wants to make sure that the upcoming Huawei P50 series reaches every new consumer.

The past revealing of this upcoming Huawei flagship shows that the Huawei P50 will offer a mere premium design. But the main focus of attention is the new pill-shaped camera bump that two giant circles and each of them houses different camera systems.

Just like its predecessor, the Huawei P50 series will likely deliver its promises of a powerful camera experience and will come equipped with the latest camera technologies.

As for now, a tipster from Weibo has brought us the latest news regarding a big improvement that has been made to the camera system of the Huawei P50 series.

So what this patent do? Actually, the tech in the patent shows this phone with a tech that explains it Auto Frame Adjustment. With this, the smartphone can record a video in different frames and adjustment them to keep the quality of the frame stable once the video is stopped recording and saved to the gallery.

This entire process helps in the creation of a high-quality stable frame video.

Let’s look at the patent in a bit of detail:

Frame rate recording controller Patent:

According to the patent, the method is described as a technology for controlling the frame rate of recording.

First, the mobile device receives the first input of the user, and in response to the first input, the mobile starts recording. Then, the mobile collects N video frames of the shooting scene at the first frame rate.

Then, the mobile determines the light intensity of the shooting scene according to the N video frames that have been collected and automatically adjusts the video frame rate of the mobile according to the light intensity of the shooting scene. Among them, the adjusted video frame rate is different from the first frame rate, and N is a positive integer greater than 2.

Then, the mobile continues to collect video frames of the shooting scene according to the adjusted video frame rate.

Finally, the mobile generates a video file according to the video frames collected at the first frame rate and the video frames collected according to the adjusted video frame rate. In this way, the frame rate collected during recording is automatically adjusted, and the quality of the video image and frames is greatly improved.

Huawei has still not confirmed the launch date for the Huawei p50 series but it’s likely to happen somewhere in July this year. yet, an official confirmation is still awaited.

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