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Huawei P50 can copy 90% of the access card and synchronize in the cloud



Huawei P50 Pro White

A recent post shared by Bruce Lee, Product line President at Huawei Technologies, informs that Huawei P50 smartphones are able to copy 90% of the access card to the device. He explains, P50 series integrates with the latest hardware modules that make it able to read this much information.

On this statement, he was also asked if there is a way for another series smartphone to copy the card info. Satisfying the quarries he replied, at present only the P50 series devices are able but Huawei Mate 40 users can also access the card info.

How Can Huawei Mate 40 Users Copy 90% access card info:

The product line president suggests if a user knows someone around them who recently purchased the Huawei P50, then he can borrow his phone to copy the access card info on his account. Just open their account>> copy the card information >> wait for the device to link to the cloud.

Users with Huawei Mate 40 series smartphones can use this trick to copy most of the card info. Furthermore, encountering any glitch or failure during the process, users can check the required version to know the eligibility.

  • Required smartphone version- or above
  • Required Huawei Wallet version- or above

huawei p50

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Huawei Access Card Function:

The developers introduced the Huawei access card function to give users a virtual access card to unlock doors. Using the NFC pass, it reads the key information of the access card and simultaneously writes on the smartphone.

The main purpose of the card is to provide an alternative option for the physical access card. Furthermore, it’s exclusive for the Huawei branded phones.

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