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Huawei launches new Wi-Fi 6+ chipset for smartphones, debut set with Huawei P40 series



At Huawei virtual launch conference on February 24, Huawei launched its latest products and services including the Wi-Fi 6+ as well as new Wi-Fi 6+ chipsets.

The new chipsets are Gigahome 650 for routers and Kirin W650 for smartphones, and the first smartphone to use Wi-Fi 6+ chipset will be the upcoming Huawei P40 series.

Huawei says developed Wi-Fi 6+ based on the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Wi-Fi 6+ supports end-to-end 160MHz channel bandwidth and Huawei’s exclusive dynamic narrowband technology. Combined, these two breakthroughs lead to vastly improved Wi-Fi speeds and signal coverage.

Huawei today confirmed that Huawei P40 series will launch on March 26 in Paris.

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