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Huawei P30 series with HM OS facing automatic phone restart issue



Huawei P30 restart issue

Huawei P30 series smartphones are currently running on the latest HarmonyOS version –, which was initially released last December. Since then, it is rolling out in batches to cover Huawei P30 lineup devices launched in China.

After upgrading to the latest HarmonyOS version, some Huawei P30 device owners now reported that they are facing an automatic smartphone restart issue. This is really very disappointing for users and also wasting their time in restarting several in a day.

Meanwhile, a Huawei P30 series user mentioned that even after swiping the full update package, it would restart, almost every time and restart it with a bright screen. The P30 smartphone users are facing severe issues while operating the device.

Speaking about Huawei P30 series models, they were the top-selling smartphones of Huawei with a large number of shipped units not only in China but also globally. Due to its popularity, Huawei always keeps it up to date and fixed known issues with regular update rollout.

Huawei P30 restart issue

Regarding the Huawei P30 device restart issue, a moderator replied that you can first observe whether the surrounding temperature is low. Because this similar issue was encountered on the HM OS version due to unbalance of indoor and outdoor temperature.

In this segment, another moderator asked if you installed incompatible software via the non-Huawei application market?. Also,  at the same time, you can check if the phone’s remaining storage space is sufficient. Maybe the power button has been pressed by mistake as if the protective case is being squeezed.

Because sometimes there are silly reasons behind the major issues. Furthermore, it is recommended you to visit the phone’s settings and click to restore to factory settings. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to reset and see if it still restarts automatically. Before resetting, please back up important data in advance of applications such as WeChat, QQ and other applications.

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