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Huawei P30 Pro’s holes must be covered with special glue to make it water resistant: Huawei customer support



Huawei P30 Pro is certified with an IP68 rating, which means it’s resistant to Water, Splash, and Dust resistant but conditions apply. And recently the question on P30 Pro’s waterproofing has sparked online debate when a customer tried to contact Huawei’s customer support and received an expected answer.

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A Consumer’s Huawei P30 Pro has recently fallen into the water and he quickly picked it up as he noticed the incident but the water has already been caused damage to the smartphone. To question about the IP68 protection, he contacted Huawei’s customer support service and the received the following reply.

“The device’s Earphone and speaker fuselage(holes) need to be blocked with a special waterproof glue to support the waterproof function on P30 Pro.”

Some of the consumers on Weibo argued that if we need to cover the P30 Pro by our own or any external solution then what is the meaning of IP68 protection.

To take an action on this matter, Li Xiaolong AKA Bruce Lee, Vice President of Huawei Mobile product line, responded.

“This customer services representative needs to learn our product information and knowledge as well as punishment. And to learn how to treat customers questions seriously”

At the same time, Lee also posted two screenshots, first including the representative’s reply and another with the original conditions that apply on the IP68 rating.

The official clarifies to the customers that P30 Pro doesn’t need to be blocked by any other resources, and statement of that particular support doesn’t match the company’s official guidelines about the IP68 rating.

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Heart of the matter: P30 Pro’s IP68 rating means that based on certain defined test conditions, the device is protected against harmful ingress of static water at up to 1.5 meters, for up to 30 minutes, meanwhile, the temperature difference between water and device is not more than 5K.

The customer supported added the fourth term, which you’ve seen above and caused all of this problem consumers.


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