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Huawei outshines Apple in Q1 2024 Chinese PC market: Report



Huawei Q1 2024 Chinese PC market

Huawei has overtaken Apple in the Q1 2024 Chinese PC market and is doing quite well, according to a new report. Despite a sharp decline in the overall PC franchise, the Chinese OEM continued to remain in high demand among laptop consumers.

Canalys has released a new report on the Chinese PC market for the first quarter of this year. The details show that the market dropped by 12% in PC shipments. The global side, on the other hand, has surprisingly turned to growth.

Huawei has outperformed Apple in almost every category and now it’s the turn of the Chinese PC market for Q1 2024. Regardless of a slowdown, the company shipped over 956 PCs and notebooks in the first three months of this year.

The tech giant made 12% of the market share this time, a 1% increment compared to the last year. Huawei is standing in second place following Lenovo at first with 2728 shipments and 34% of the market share. HP ranks third with 690 units in sales.

Asus is in the fourth position and Apple lands in fifth place with 475 PC and notebook shipments. The Mac producer achieved a 6% market share but declined by 21% in the annual growth rate. While the PC category didn’t do well in Q1 2024, the overall report for tech vendors wasn’t good. Yet, it hadn’t affected Huawei much.

Huawei Q1 2024 Chinese PC market

Q1 2024 Chinese PC market report (Image Credits: Canalys)

Chinese Tablet Market: Q1 2024

Huawei appeared in the first position, followed by Apple. It obtained 29% of the market share which ultimately added 88% to its annual growth rate. Compared to the last year same period, the firm has exceeded by 10% this time.

Even though the American tech giant performed well by selling 1956 tablet units, it has declined by 3% YoY. The market share dropped to 27%, putting the firm in the second spot.

Xiaomi stands at the third block with a 35% annual growth rate and a 12% market share. Honor is in fourth place with a decline of 7% YoY and Lenovo didn’t make anything to its annual progress. You can check the details in the analysis sheet below.

Huawei Q1 2024 Chinese PC market

Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market report (Image Credits: Canalys)

Canalys analysts say that the Chinese PC market will likely rebound with 12% growth in 2025. Tablet shipments may also rise by 4% in both 2024 and 2025, mainly due to Chinese vendors. Analyst Emma Xu says:

“In an increasingly competitive landscape, innovation across hardware and software is crucial. For PC and tablet vendors alike, this will require identifying and capitalizing on localization opportunities and favorable AI innovation policies within the China market.”

[Source – Canalys]

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