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Huawei showcases seven reasons to choose optical fiber for home networking and smart real estate



The 2020 China Real Estate Development Summit was held in Guangzhou, China. At the event, the President of Huawei Transmission and Access Product Line, Jin Yuzhi has given a theme named – “A single optical fiber lights up a green and smart room”.

The official further proposed that optical fiber is the standard configuration of F5G (Fixed 5th generation network) smart real estate, and shared the choice of FTTR (Fiber to the Room) all-optical seven reasons for home networking, call on industry partners to work together to build an F5G true gigabit all-optical room industry ecology.

Optical fiber has become an essential cornerstone of smart real estate development:

The integrated wiring of the traditional real estate industry is dominated by copper wire media such as coaxial TV lines, network cables, telephone lines, power lines, etc. It is difficult to match the increasing needs for future intelligence and is seeking upgrading and transformation.

Furthermore, the evolution of fixed networks has gone through 5 generations. With the speedy popularization of new services like 4K/8K video and smart homes, it is the entering era of F5G gigabit all-optical intelligence. The all-optical network can provide a stable true gigabit quality experience for every person, every room, and every moment at the same time, supporting services including smart properties, smart homes, and smart communities.

“Optical fiber is the best information carrier for cross-border integration of communications and real estate industries, and it has become an inevitable choice for integrated wiring for smart real estate.” – said Jin Yuzhi.

Huawei launched the FTTR all-optical room solution in response to this new market opportunity. As the ultimate solution for home Wi-Fi problems in the F5G era, FTTR extends optical fibers to every room and deploys Huawei’s Starlight series of optical terminal products to provide each room with low-latency, ultra-gigabit, and highly reliable Wi-Fi.

Jin Yuzhi explained in detail the seven reasons for choosing optical fiber for home networking and building F5G smart real estate:

Seven reasons to choose fiber: Jin Yuzhi

  1. Excellent optical fiber performance, which can reduce cable cost by 80%. The optical fiber network can replace the original telephone line, coaxial TV cable, and network cable with good performance. At the same time, the life of the optical fiber is up to 30 years, which is three times that of the ordinary network cable. According to estimates, during the life cycle of a house, the use of optical fiber materials can reduce the cost of network cables by 80%.
  2. National policies encourage the construction of gigabit all-optical networks. From the early broadband China strategy to the current new infrastructure policy, the optical fiber network is an important component.
  3. Optical fiber networking is generally welcomed by the market. Operators in 5 provinces across the country have released FTTR packages (Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jilin, etc.), and 14 provinces are in pilot projects. It is expected that FTTR will enter a commercial outbreak in 2021.
  4. The optical fiber is more green and energy-saving and meets the requirements for reducing emissions. Thanks to the innovative chip technology and intelligent sleep mechanism, the optical fiber networking solution saves 152 kWh of electricity consumption per household per year compared to the traditional home router networking solution. Based on the calculation of 1,000 households, the annual power consumption is saved by 150,000 kWh.
  5. The optical fiber material is small in size, which can reduce the labor cost of wiring by 90%. The diameter of the optical cable is only 40% of the ordinary network cable, and the bending radius is only 5 mm, which is 25% of the network cable. The installation is flexible and convenient. The comprehensive calculation can reduce 90% of labor costs.
  6. The optical fiber network is mature and supports large-scale deployment. From optical cables, required cables, equipment, tools and management platforms, and FTTR standardized construction processes, Huawei is open and sharing with industry partners to jointly accelerate commercial deployment.
  7. Optical fiber can support a new business model from selling wiring to selling the entire network. In the traditional real estate era, users mainly pay attention to the quality of the house, and the cost of the network cable, which cannot be premium. In the era of smart real estate, users pay more attention to the smart home experience. As the all-optical base of the smart home, optical fiber networking can perfectly match the requirements. Home fiber optic networking is no longer an accessory, which can support real estate developers to upgrade their brands and open up more new business models.

Hand in hand to build F5G true gigabit all-optical room industry ecology:

Based on the market estimate of 3.2 million hard-covered houses in 2019, the FTTR all-optical solution will directly bring billions of market scale to the pre-installation market, while indirectly leveraging smart homes, smart communities, smart applications, etc. Industrial space.

Jin Yuzhi proposed two major initiatives to industry partners: “First, incorporate the FTTR all-optical solution into the real estate development, design and construction to achieve a good house with a good network’, and build F5G smart real estate. Second, extend the all-optical network to more scenarios such as campuses, enterprises, hotels, etc., to achieve ubiquitous optical connections, and build F5G smart parks.”

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