Huawei offers best solutions at the best prices and should be added in 5G, says Italy’s minister

The world’s largest telecoms equipment maker – Huawei should be allowed to play a role in Italy’s 5G network infrastructure development, says an Italian minister.

“We have passed legislation that guarantees national security. With the right defenses, the possibility of (Huawei’s) access is not up for debate,” minister Stefano Patuanelli, part of the ruling 5-Star Movement, reported Reuters.

COPASIR – Itlay’s parliamentary security committee said the government should consider preventing Huawei and ZTE from their inclusion in the 5G networks.

Under the current circumstances, Italy’s Telecom Italia (TIM) is moving ahead to upgrade its network infrastructure including Huawei among the list of possible vendors.

“Huawei offers the best solutions at the best prices”, said Patuanelli  “One cannot fly the flag of the market with one hand and that of protectionism with the other,” he added.

The US alleges Huawei of posing a security threat and asking its allies countries to ban Huawei network equipment for the 5G network and most of them have denied.

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