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Huawei Nova foldable phone might equip Kirin 9010E chip



Huawei Nova foldable Kirin 9010E

Huawei Nova foldable phone is expected to use the Kirin 9010E chip. A new leak notes that the mid-range foldable will likely follow the flagship Pura 70 specifications to some extent. If not exact, we may find these parameters in an optimized way.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus says the Huawei Nova foldable could use the same specifications as the ‘flagship big brother’. While the details aren’t clear in the leak, the comment area hinted that the upcoming flip-flop model might equip Kirin 9010E.

The Chinese phone maker introduced Kirin 9010E with the newly launched Pura 70 Satellite SMS Edition. Tests and Geekbench scores show that the chip is inferior to the main 9010 processor but better than 9000S1 and other Kirin derivatives.

  • Kirin 9010E: 2 cores @ 2.19GHz + 6 cores @ 2.18GHz + 4 Cortex-A51 cores @ 1.55GHz.

If true, Huawei Nova foldable with Kirin 9010E processor may deliver a significant performance boost over the Nova 12 series. For reference, the high-end Nova 12 Ultra runs on a Kirin 9000SL chipset with slightly optimized performance cores.

Huawei Nova foldable Kirin 9010E

Huawei Nova foldable could use Kirin 9010E chip (Image Credits: Weibo)

Although it appears to be a blind guess as the company has not confirmed this news so far. Hence, let’s take this input as a grain of salt for the moment.

Further details state the Huawei Nova foldable might sport a larger external screen than the Pocket 2 models. Pocket 2 uses a circular cover display which is slightly bigger than the previous-gen folding handset – Pocket S.

Now we can expect to see more enhancements for the folding phones with the approaching vertical foldable. Note that a larger cover screen will enable you to perform multiple operations without the need to unfold the device.

Huawei Nova foldable Kirin 9010E

Huawei Nova foldable may bring larger external screen (Image Credits: Weibo)

The alleged Nova foldable might be cheaper than Pocket 2. While the latter carries a price tag of 7499 yuan, the former could cost 4000 to 5000 yuan.

Huawei Nova folding phone is in the news to launch in early August. Perhaps consumers may find it on the stage in the first week of the next month. By that time, we could hit some more interesting leaks and revelations about the new foldable.

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