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Huawei Nova 8i May 2022 EMUI update is expanding



Huawei Nova 8i May 2022 EMUI update

June is about to end, yet Huawei Nova 8i users are still dealing with the same May 2022 EMUI security update. Yes! the Chinese manufacturer is expanding the May 2022 security patch to more Nova 8i consumers in the global market.

So far, the Nova 8i users were looking for a fresh security patch. But it seems like they have to wait a little more. As of now, the Huawei Nova 8i smartphone owners are receiving the May 2022 EMUI update with the version (C432E2R2P3) and a package size of 169 Megabytes.

To upgrade your device, visit the Settings menu. Further, scroll down and select System & Updates. Next, you will find the Software Updates option, click on it and let the device search for the latest firmware. Thereafter, hit the download & Install tab for proceeding ahead.

May 2022 EMUI Update Changelog

As mentioned in our previous article, the update only integrates the May 2022 security patch. However, users must install the update as it fixes the different levels of exploits and issues. Additionally, Huawei put efforts into finding the hidden privacy defects and resolving them for improved system security.

Moreover, the May 2022 security patch rectifies and mends 1 critical, 13 high, and 16 medium levels of CVEs. Thus, it is important to download the new patch in order to prevent your smartphone from unnecessary laggings and system errors.

EMUI 12 eligible Huawei Nova 8i

Back in time, Huawei confirmed the eligibility of Nova 8i for the EMUI 12 software. However, it has been a long while since the statement came out, but the Nova 8i users hadn’t seen even a glimpse of the new interface.

It’s still an unknown fact as to when the Chinese firm will roll out the EMUI 12 relatable activities for the respective smartphones. Yet, there is a surety that the Huawei Nova 8i will soon catch the exclusive features of EMUI 12.

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Huawei Nova 8i May 2022 EMUI update

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