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Huawei Music collects public beta with redesigned music player



Huawei Music public beta

Huawei Music app is receiving a new update with version as a part of its public beta activity. With the latest release, the company has improved the existing features of the app to provide a more stable, immersive, and smoother experience.

Huawei Music app public beta activity is open till June 07. Hence users have two days to enroll themselves in this testing pool to explore the latest add-ons in advance.

Before you proceed, ensure to carry enough storage in your device as the new Huawei Music app public beta update weighs about 124.8 Megabytes.

The company has refined the both UI and internal features of the app with the new firmware. It has enhanced the visual effects and interface of the application, making it more simple yet creative in use. Changes are mainly visible on the music player.

When visiting the music player page, you will see a more clean and classy outlook. Also, the needless features have disappeared from the page for a subtle view.

Huawei Music public beta

Huawei Music beta update redesigns music player (Image Credits: ITHome) [Left: Old, Right: New]

The next enhancement lies in the search result page. Huawei has added a new ‘song collection’ feature to the app that lets you easily find and check on your beloved songs, artists, genres, and more. Just enter the song name and hit the search button.


  • Added a redesigned and fully upgraded music player page.
  • Added a song collection feature on the search result page.
  • Optimized other details and existing features for a smoother user experience.

Note that the new version is quite similar to the Music app in the coming HarmonyOS NEXT software. Perhaps we can expect some more effective changes for the respective application with the launch of Huawei’s new self-developed operating system.

Huawei Music public beta

Huawei Music app on HarmonyOS NEXT (Image Credits: ITHome)

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