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Huawei shares May 2023 EMUI patch details



Huawei May 2023 EMUI security patch details

We’re still in April and Huawei has released the details of the upcoming May 2023 security patch details that will roll out for the global Huawei EMUI devices. In the meantime, global Huawei users are waiting for a reign of brand-new firmware.

Also, Huawei is gradually expanding the reach of the April 2023 security patch for various Huawei smartphones. If you are one of the recipients, make sure to grab it first hand, as it improves the phone’s functionality all around.

Also, the security patch is meant to resolve all of the software threats inside the Huawei smartphone. These are essential to keep up your phone’s security with the latest solutions.

Huawei EMUI May 2023 security patch details

Since Huawei EMUI base still uses Android, the company has assured that it also address CVE or common vulnerabilities and exposures from the recent month.

According to the information, Huawei has fixed 19 high-level and 1 medium-level of software threat. Also, Huawei has included 24 fixes for the CVEs found in the last month’s build.

Huawei May 2023 EMUI security patch details

EMUI 13:

It’s been over 6 months since the launch of EMUI 13 but the company has still not shared the details of this next major rollout. Huawei consumers are waiting for a long time in order to grab this new software update.

Meanwhile, some users in Asia are eligible to test the latest features under the beta program. Also, the first beta software has already been released for the eligible models – P50 Pro, P50 Pocket, and Mate Xs 2. Moreover, Nova 10 series is also eligible to participate in the Beta campaign but only in the Asia region.


Below you can check all of the CVE details including their scientific name:


  • none


  • CVE-2022-40503, CVE-2022-36449, CVE-2022-38181, CVE-2022-41757, CVE-2022-42716, CVE-2021-0872, CVE-2021-0873, CVE-2021-0874, CVE-2021-0875, CVE-2021-0876, CVE-2021-0878, CVE-2021-0879, CVE-2021-0880, CVE-2021-0881, CVE-2021-0882, CVE-2021-0883, CVE-2021-0884, CVE-2021-0885, CVE-2023-20941


  • CVE-2023-0266


  • none

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2023-20906, CVE-2023-20951, CVE-2023-20952, CVE-2023-20954, CVE-2023-20955, CVE-2022-25712, CVE-2022-33245, CVE-2023-21065, CVE-2023-21019, CVE-2023-21018, CVE-2022-20532, CVE-2022-20542, CVE-2023-20996, CVE-2023-20997, CVE-2023-20998, CVE-2023-20999, CVE-2023-21034, CVE-2023-21016, CVE-2023-21024, CVE-2023-21020, CVE-2023-21021, CVE-2023-20994, CVE-2023-21025, CVE-2023-21032.

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