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Huawei MatePad Air will unveil as iPad Air rival



Huawei matepad ipad air

Huawei MatePad Air will launch on May 18th during the Huawei Summer 2023 Conference and this new tablet series will be a true rival to iPad Air and benchmark for the global tablet market.

According to the launch teaser, Huawei MatePad has a slim trim design, featuring multiple microphones and a large camera on the rear side (top left). The side appearance hints that the company has massively cut the weight of this aesthetically rich device.

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Weight of top MatePad devices:

Huawei’s latest MatePad Pro 11 2022 version weighs 449 grams. The MatePad Pro is 12.6 inches at 609 grams and MatePad 11 2023 has 480 grams. The MatePad 10.4 inches stays at 450 grams.

iPad :

On the flip side, the latest iPad Air starts at 461 grams, and the latest iPad Pro weighs at 466 grams. Meanwhile, iPad 10.9-inch weight starts at 477 grams. Meanwhile, the 8-inch iPad Mini weighs 293 grams.

Huawei MatePad Air:

So, the weight class is quite competitive among these brands. However, we have some huge expectations on the shoulders of Huawei MatePad Air in terms of weight reduction as compared to all of the above-mentioned iPad tablets.

For your information, Huawei recently certified three new tablet models including DBY2-AL00, DBY2Z-AL00, and DBY2-W00. These include WiFi and LTE models. Other than these, the tablet equips a large 8200mAh battery, which reflects a huge screen size.

These models are likely to belong to the Huawei MatePad Air but we can’t confirm a certain viewpoint at the moment. However, we’re not far away from the unveiling to know the exact identity and the weight cut.

Huawei lightweight tablet series Huawei MatePad Air

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