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Huawei locks business deal with Chery Automobile for smart car



Huawei smart car business

Huawei Smart Car business is raising its hands high in the automobile market. In recent years, Huawei has helped many car makers to roll out several models that not only satisfied the users in terms of design but in performance as well.

However, it seems like Huawei has decided to push the boundaries of the Smart Car business to some more extent in the smart wheels merchandise. For doing so, the company has finalized its smart car business cooperation with Chery Automobiles.

Till now, the company was in collaboration with Jinkang New Energy. But now, Huawei Zhixuan has successively shook its hands with Chery’s group of automobiles. Alternatively, this partnership hints at the development of a high-end intelligent brand.

According to the information, the two parties are planning to manufacture a new tech-pack product. The product also attained a codename – E0X and is a step ahead of Xingtu. Additionally, Gao Xinhua is playing the role of the leader of this standard electric project E0X.

Huawei smart car business

The information further reveals that Chery is preparing its hands to release two more models with Huawei, codenamed E03, and E0Y. While E03 will serve as an electric sedan, the E0Y is an ultimate SUV model. These smart automobiles will furnish a lightweight steel-aluminum structure. Besides, it will use a computing platform with super high power.

There might be confusion between Huawei fans that the Chinese tech maker also works as a car manufacturer. However, that’s not the truth. The company acts as a solution provider for the other automobile firms. In recent days, the company has associated with many developers. For instance Avita, AITO, and more.

Though, many rumors are sailing in the air regarding the new cooperation. Yet, the Chinese tech giant denied disclosing any information on this matter at the moment.


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