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Huawei leading the global modular data center market with major shares



Huawei modular data center market

The modular data center market of Huawei is growing rapidly, the company has been on top since 2017, says Global Modular Data Center Market Report. The company shows remarkable performance in recent years maintaining its leading position in the world.

According to the report, the Chinese tech firm has risen by nearly 8% in the global market for its smart micromodule solutions. Besides the general statics, the report also forecasts the future scenario in the data center markets.

Huawei’s Performace in 2017:

The company started with FusionModule 2000 smart micro-module solution. It passed all the global data center standards and was the first to obtain body Uptime Institute. It integrates power supply and distribution, temperature control, cabinet channels, wiring, and monitoring, etc.

Continue to lead the Market: Results of 2020

Moving ahead to 2020, Huawei upgraded its data centers and brought the new generation of FusionModule smart micro-module 5.0. It was based on the concept of modularization, intelligence, and a full lithium battery. Describing the i3 concept, this data center was symbolic of minimalist, green, smart, and safe new intelligent data center solutions.

 modular data center market

Present Status of Huawei modular data center market

While entering June this year, the company’s smart micromodules revised its PUE test record of micromodule products. The annual average PUE was as low as 1.111, which greatly exceeded the mainstream PUE value .

The PUE is capable of indicating the energy efficiency level of the data center. The lower value indicates higher energy consumption utilization rates alongside a better energy-saving effect. In addition, the company innovated natural cooling technology for a reduced energy consumption temperature control system.

Simultaneously, it synchronizes with Huawei iCooling to intelligently regulate the refrigeration system. Besides, it achieves the lowest PUE in the industry with a total power consumption decrease of 25%.

However, Huawei modular data center has high recognition in the market. Various industries including operators, ISPs, governments, finance, education, medical care, manufacturing, and transportation are using them. Sill, the company continues to move ahead towards a healthy development in this field.

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