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Huawei launches Harmony Intelligence with AI features for smartphones



Harmony Intelligence AI

HarmonyOS NEXT beta brings several new features, including Harmony Intelligence, which has useful AI capabilities. This is the first time the company has integrated AI functions into its operating system to deliver a smarter experience.

During the HarmonyOS NEXT beta unveiling, Huawei introduced the new Harmony Intelligence which is full of AI enhancements. It aims to facilitate users with smart services related to image modifications, reading, hearing, and other operations.

The first feature is AIGC (artificial intelligence-generated content) image generation. It lets you create hand-made line drawings, graffiti, paint photos, or photo enlargement. One can also erase unwanted objects from the image background.

Huawei has introduced one such feature with the Pura 70 series called AI image retouch. It is capable of eliminating undesired parts from the image without degrading the overall picture quality or altering the main subject.

Harmony Intelligence AI

Harmony Intelligence AI image feature (Image Credits: Huawei)

Harmony Intelligence also brings the industry’s first AI sound repair tool. It is an efficient feature for users dealing with speech impairments and helps them communicate.

Just press and hold the Celia Voice ball and begin speaking. Releasing the ball will automatically repair the voice, making it clearer and more understandable. Users can also hear or convert other person’s voice to text using the same process.

Harmony Intelligence AI

Harmony Intelligence AI sound repair feature (Image Credits: Huawei)

Note that this significant feature will launch later this year, probably with the stable version. Hence users may not see it with the HarmonyOS NEXT beta for the moment.

The next feature in the list is ‘Celia sees the world’. It is mainly for visually impaired users. Not only images but it can read aloud objects around you too. For instance, say ‘Read aloud types of vegetables in the refrigerator, their place, or freshness’.

Harmony Intelligence AI visual feature (Image Credits: Huawei)

Other than this, Harmony Intelligence also lets you control various tasks related to third-party apps. This includes real-time reading, smart filing, text translation, face detection, card identification, OCR recognition, image cutout, and more.

Huawei has also upgraded its usual Celia Smart Assistant to the next level as Celia Intelligent Agent. It is now based on Pangu Large Model 5.0. One can command it at any time and complete a set of operations. It can also produce results based on your tasks.

Harmony Intelligence third-party services (Image Credits: Huawei)

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