Huawei launches AI-assisted automatic and quick diagnosis for COVID-19

Recently, Huawei Cloud, Huawei’s AI cloud enterprise service division, worked with Huazhong University of Science & Technology and Lanwon Technology to develop and launch an AI-assisted quantitative medical image analysis service for COVID-19.

With Huawei Cloud’s AI technologies such as computer vision and medical image analysis, the service can automatically, quickly, and correctly output CT quantification results to imaging and clinical doctors, alleviating the shortage of imaging doctors who can accurately diagnose COVID-19, relieving the pressures of quarantines, and reducing the heavy workloads of doctors.

The service also utilizes the powerful computing capability of Huawei Ascend series AI chips to output the quantization result of a single case in seconds. “AI + doctor review” is dozens of times faster than manual quantitative image evaluation, which greatly improves the diagnosis efficiency.

Huawei Cloud’s computer vision and medical image analysis technologies combine clinical information and laboratory results to help doctors more accurately distinguish between early, advanced, and severe stages of COVID-19, facilitating early screening and prevention/control.

For confirmed cases in hospitals, this AI-assist service can perform registration and quantitative analysis on the 4D dynamic data of multiple rechecks within a short period of time, helping doctors effectively evaluate patients’ conditions and drug use effects.

According to the analysis of hundreds of COVID-19 cases and non-infected cases, Huawei Cloud AI-assisted quantitative diagnosis service has implemented industry-leading Dice Similarity Coefficient (DICE: overlaps between the predicted lesions and the actual lesions) and Absolute Volume Difference (AVD: volume differences between the predicted lesions and the actual lesions) of lesion area segmentation.

The “AI + CT” medical image analysis service for COVID-19 is developed and constructed based on the Huawei Cloud EIHealth-medical image analysis platform.

The platform uses the Huawei Cloud AI Ascend cluster service and the ModelArts one-stop AI development and management platform to implement one-stop medical image data governance and labeling, model training and evaluation, and visualized rendering, providing powerful support for universities and hospitals with massive AI computing, platform, and algorithm power.

According to Huawei, the Huawei Cloud has been working with various industries to carry out multiple AI-based scientific research projects on COVID-19.

“Huawei Cloud has released the results of ultra-large-scale computer-assisted drug screening together with many scientific research institutions.” Says the company.






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