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Huawei launched GreenSite and PowerStar 2.0 solutions at Global MBB 2021



GreenSite and PowerStar 2.0

On 14th October, Huawei concluded the Global MBB Forum in Dubai and launched two new innovative solutions GreenSite and PowerStar 2.0. It’ll help the industry in building green and low-carbon 5G networks with more energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

Among them, the Huawei GreenSite solution realizes 20 times higher energy efficiency. It offers highly integrated radio frequency hardware, site outdoor de-air conditioning, and integration of the entire site’s collaborative software and hardware.

Furthermore, the PowerStar 2.0 of Huawei with intelligent energy-saving algorithms features dual intelligence of base stations and networks. In addition, it reduces up to 25% of network energy consumption using multi-dimensional collaboration and under typical network configurations.

Let’s take a look at the brief description of both solutions

GreenSite and PowerStar 2.0

Huawei GreenSite solution:

The company’s GreenSite solution with the benefits of MetaAAU and Massive MIMO mainly works in three aspects to provide the necessary help in creating green sites. You can check the main characteristics of the sits below.

  1. The high integration of radiofrequency and the reduction of bit energy consumption are the driving force for continuous innovation
  2. The site is minimalist and air-conditioned, and the superimposed light is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions
  3. The third dimension is the intelligent collaboration of the entire site, and the realization of bit-driven watts is the direction of energy-saving innovation

Huawei PowerStar 2.0 solution:

In comparison with the previous version, the PowerStar 2.0 solution also has main three enchantments in the below-mentioned area.

  1. The millisecond-level rapid shutdown to realize energy-saving all-weather operation
  2. The multi-dimensional collaboration helping in realizing energy-saving in the whole domain of time-space-frequency power
  3. The second-level optimization and KPI performance is guaranteed

At the event, Huawei SRAN product line president Jiang Xudong notified that the demand of the communication industry is soaring. Besides, wireless networks are the key to building a low-carbon and green network. The company is making every possible effort in the field and hopes the same with the industry.

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