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Huawei launched complete smart gas station solutions



Huawei gas station solutions

Huawei has released its new smart solutions for the gas station that are very convenient for the users and can save time. These Huawei gas station solutions can be helpful in refueling, making payment easier, large screen display, and more.

With the help of this, the smartphone will display the owner’s detail including the fuel dispenser, and the gasoline model. Once the refining is done, the owners don’t need to get out of the car of payment.

Just select the payment method from the list that includes cash, fuel card, bank card, WeChat, Alipay, and other methods by tapping on the smartphone screen. Also, the system will automatically pay according to the amount of refueling, and the owner can issue an electronic invoice in the App or Mini Program (for registered users).

In addition to this, it automatically applies the latest discounts available on some non-fuel products, as well as the customized one-person-a-car precision push customized for each owner, which will also appear here.

Huawei gas stations solution

Huawei Atlas 500 Smart Station and SDC software-defined camera edge bring smart brains to gas stations and play the role of “smart sentry”. It can accurately collect and identify all the specific information of inbound vehicles, including license plate, vehicle logo, model, color, and more.

It can perform intelligent analysis, accurate “vehicle-lane-fuel gun” to realize automation correlates closely regarding refueling and payment.

In the smart gas station built by Huawei, if the car owner is a registered member vehicle then the smart big screen will display the member’s basic information and fueling habits, including fuel product, amount, etc., and automatically allocate available fuel guns. If the fueler is busy, the car owner can also pick up the gun and refuel without waiting. The Huawei gas station solution surely makes refueling with easily for consumers.

(Source: ithome)

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