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Huawei join hands with Bitrise to empower AppGallery



Huawei AppGallery

Huawei recently join hands With Bitrise, which is a leading Mobile DevOps company headquartered in Chelmsford, United Kingdom. This corporation will surely empower the company’s application distributions platform- Huawei AppGallery.

Now, the Chinese firm has become one of its 20 companies to be a part of Bitrise’s new Verified Partners Program. On an over, it wants to pull the world’s best mobile apps to servers its 530M+ userbase on AppGallery. Consecutively, it’ll also open a new door for the developers to enter the Chinese market.

Verified Partners Program:

It’s Bitrise’s exclusive program means that the provider of labeled service or tool assures a secure, maintained, consistent, and high-quality performance for the users. Furthermore, its higher clarity reaches throughout the Bitrise platform.

In other words, this program is a sign of trust for a user base with more than 6,000 global companies and 150,000 developers associated with Bitrise across the world.

Now, Huawei is following the dual-platform strategy via affiliating with the Verified Partners Program of Bitrise. The company is ensuring its users, that they are accessing the world’s best applications.

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei and Bitrise Collaboration:

Huawei AppGallery’s business with Bitrise permits users to interact with global mobile developers. The users will get have a smooth experience after the entry of a new application from a new market. It’s a win-win corporation, as Huawei AppGallery is China’s largest app distribution platform after Tencent.

Through this deploy step on Bitrise, the global developers can submit their applications to the Huawei platform and decide whether wants to draft or publish them. However, the Bitrise’s Step Library has over 330 steps currently, with each regard as a building block. Besides, the new Verified Steps include:

  • DexProtector: It’s an app-hardening service of Licel that helps developers to control key processes and secure the most sensitive parts of their apps and libraries.
  • Localazy: It easily translates up to 50% of an app instantly to 80+ languages
  • Appaloosa: It allows the App developers to deploy their apps to testers and users at scale, and manage app versions, users, groups, and devices, all from a single interface
  • DeployGate: This offers tools that make user testing and user communication easier by automating various tasks around beta testing

Indeed, this collaboration helps the Android developers to give them easy access to one of the largest marketplaces in Asia. Furthermore, the AppGallery will compensate with new mobile apps with a sign of safe and reliable user experience.

(Via- Businesswire )

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