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Huawei is working on 6G but it is still 10 years away: Huawei Founder



Huawei’s 5G business is going straightway for 5G business and on the sidelines, the company has already begun its Research and Development (R&D) beyond the 5G network.

Founder and CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhenfei told that Huawei has begun research on 6G – the successor of 5G mobile network, which is yet to commercialize across the globe.

“We have parallel work being done on 5G and 6G, so we started out 6G a long time ago,” Ren told CNBC. He said it’s in an “early phase” and there’s still “a long way to go” before commercialization, according to an official translation of his Mandarin comments.

However, the Huawei Veteran told that this 6G is still “ten years out”.

Similar to 5G, the next network technology needs to be listed under industry standards and the process to form those standards takes years with lots of discussions.

Aside from 6G, Huawei is currently expanding its 5G business and the company has so far bagged over 50 5G commercial contracts in different countries and the number is still growing.

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