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Huawei Intelligent Driving has better chance to surpass human driving level: Changan Auto



Huawei Intelligent Driving Changan Auto

Changan Auto recently said that Huawei Intelligent Driving has a better chance to take over human driving level. The automaker believes that Huawei has one of the best computing power which makes EVs run smoothly and offer efficient experience.

During the 11th International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology annual event, several automakers gathered and discussed smart car solutions for future EVs.

Among them, the Vice President of Changan Auto Zhang Xiaoyu said that the Huawei Intelligent Driving system has a better chance of surpassing human driving level. He adds that the Chinese OEM’s latest computing power is more significant and effective.

Huawei uses the MDC 610 ADAS Controller for electrical vehicles. It is a smart driving domain controller that manages inputs collected by sensors. It also performs various operations such as fusion, classification, identification, and more.

Huawei Intelligent Driving Changan Auto

Huawei Intelligent Driving system can surpass human driving level, says Changan Auto (Image Credits: CNMO)

This controller has a computing power of 200TOPS. It is 2 times Tesla’s dense computing power (72TOPS x 2). Huawei’s effective computing energy resulted in a smaller delay response in large models. The OEM also uses BEV + GOD solution for data collection and closed loop.

Zhang further mentions that Huawei forms a combination of different advanced sensors to achieve full perception capabilities. It also looks after the safety aspects and uses ‘far beyond imagination’ features for humans’ convenience in driving.

These things together make Huawei Intelligent Driving System one of the advanced smart solutions for all kinds of electric vehicles in the Chinese automobile market.

At the onset of this year, Huawei and Changan Auto jointly opened a new firm called “NEW COOL”. This venture will work on solutions like smart cockpits, digital features, car cloud networks, smart car lights, and more. You can check the details HERE.

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