Huawei in talks to install Aurora OS on its tablets

Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4

Huawei has begun talks with Russia for installing Russian OS on its tablets to use them in Russia’s population census next year.

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According to Reuters, Huawei is in talks with Russian Ministry of Communication to install Aurora OS on 360,000 Huawei tablets by 2020, told related sources.

“This is a pilot project. We see it as the first stage of launching the Russian OS on Huawei devices,” told a source.

“Huawei is interested in the project. It showed samples of tablets that could be used,” the second source said. Aurora is Russia’s only OS and is not currently being used.

Russia’s state telecom operator, Rostelecom, is the only contractor to buy tablets for the Russian population census.

“Various options for collaboration with Huawei are currently being considered with participation of the Ministry of Communications… We don’t disclose details yet, there is an agreement on confidentiality,” Rostelecom said.

Earlier this month, Huawei has launched its own operating system HarmonyOS for Smartwatches, Smart Screens, In-vehicle systems, and Smart speakers. This category may soon be expanded to other platforms.






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