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Huawei Hubble invests in a simulation software company




Huawei’s affiliate Shanezen Hubble Technology Investment partnership has recently invested in a software-based company that develops industrial simulation software.

As per the information, Huawei’s Investment Partnership firm, Shenzhen Hubble has increased its registered capital from 50 million to 58.8235 million in the Chongquing Liyituo Software Co. Ltd.

The Chongquing Li Yi Tuo software Ltd. is a software-based firm established in July 2018. This company aims to deliver internationally advanced, independent, and controllable industrial simulation software (CAE software) for machinery, aerospace, and aviation.

In the fields including transportation, electronics, and energy, users provide a full range of services such as overall solutions, customized development, and professional training consulting.

Huawei investment

Huawei Hubble’s recent investment in OLED chip driver firm

Huawei Hubble has also recently invested huge capital in Ou Rhende Microelectronics Technology, which is an OLED driver chip maker. The Hubble group manages all the investments of Huawei.

Adversely affected by the US sanctions and the ongoing chip shortage, Huawei seems to be making its own resources by investing in the local tech firms. The investment in the OLED chip driver company was a bit surprising for the semiconductor industry.

Meanwhile, the Chinese tech giant will be facing several challenges and amounts in the field of OLED driver chip industry where the South Korean companies grab 90% of the OLED chip market around the globe.

Huawei Hubble

Huawei Investment & Holding registered capital increases 6.62%

Huawei’s Investment and Holding group has recorded an increase of 6.62% in its registered capital. The total registered capital of the company has reached 38.663 billion yuan from 36.450 billion yuan.

The Huawei Investment & Holding company was established a way back in 2003. This firm is jointly owned by the company’s Labour Union Committee and the founder of Huawei technologies.

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