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Huawei Hubble invested in sodium-ion battery manufacturing



Huawei Hubble Sodium-ion battery

Huawei’s investment-making subsidiary firm – Shenzhen-based Huawei Hubble has recently become a shareholder in Zhongke Haina, a -sodium-ion battery manufacturing company. Now, the registered capital of Zhongke Haina increased to RMB 30.95 million approximately.

According to the information, Beijing-based Zhongke Haina has undergone an industrial and commercial change. Therefore, Huawei Hubble invested 4.12666 million yuan in sodium-ion battery manufacturing Zhongke Haina,, which is accounted for 13.333% holdings.

Speaking in short, Zhongke Haina is listed as one of the few manufacturing companies in the world that have core patents and technologies for sodium-ion batteries. It manufactures a new generation of the energy storage systems and sodium-ion batteries.

To know more about Zhongeke Haina, check the article below.

Huawei Hubble Sodium-ion battery

Zhongke Haina:

Zhongke Haina is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of a new generation of energy storage systems and sodium-ion batteries. The company has a number of core patents for sodium-ion batteries.

It has established domestic and international leading technology development teams, and now has a research and development team led by academician Chen Liquan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and researcher Hu Yongsheng of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The major focus of the company is low-cost, long-life, high-safety, high-energy-density sodium-ion battery production with potential applications covering various types of electric bicycles, low-speed electric vehicles, communication base stations, data centers, home energy storage, and large-scale energy storage.

Moreover, at the same time, the company can supply anode and cathode materials and electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries.

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