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Huawei hosts Vienna event with four major announcements



Huawei Event Vienna

On 27th October 2021, Huawei hosts an event which was its annual flagship European Innovation Day in Vienna, Austria. The entire event revolves around a low carbon environment, the digital economy, and talent cultivation.

“Innovate for a Sustainable Europe” was the theme of this event under which Huawei made four major announcements. The Huawei Vienna event was witnessed by many industry leaders and the company’s chief executives that mainly include

  1. Catherine Chen, Senior Vice President, and Board Member, Huawei
  2. Heinz Fischer, Former President, Austria
  3. Phillip Gan, President of CEE & Nordic Region, Huawei
  4. Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, Huawei Mobile Services VP, Europe
  5. Felix Muller, Chief Executive Officier, DRONE TECH
  6. Radoslaw Kedzia, Vice President of CEE & Nordic Region, Huawei

It’s worth mentioning that, this event was the first of its kind to broadcast with the 5G live streaming. The global audience confronts live speeches, 5G demo truck, smart mining, AR gaming, and more. Let’s take a detailed look at the main highlights of the Huawei Vienna event.

Austria Tech4all Guardian: Nature and Environment

Huawei has launched various sustainability projects keeping the Tech4all Guardian as the main highlight. However, another NGO Rainforest Connection project that concerns Amazon’s biodiversity is in running state currently.

This new Tech4all Guardian project will work incorporation with Vienna University and RFCx. Furthermore, its site area will be Lake Neusiedl in Seewinkel National Park. On top of this, the Chinese tech will provide its intelligent software systems to research the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. Simultaneously, it’ll also develop new data-based environmental protection measures.


Launch 5G-based Innovations: Digital Europe

At the Huawei Vienna event, the company explicated many assuring headways in different areas. It further includes 5G-powered robots, smart agriculture technologies, and more. To be more precise the 5G robots were implanted in Vienna hospitals meanwhile the first fully connected 5G smart port in Hungary.

In addition, drones and 5G are becoming the future of agriculture helping to identify the fertilizer or water field remotely. Furthermore, the company also announced the goal of the Ministry of Agriculture and the 2030 Agenda.


Seeds for the Future: New Scholarship Program

Undoubtedly, the new scholarship program was the main highlight of this Huawei event in Vienna. The company believes in providing a skilled workforce to the country. Besides, cooperation between companies and universities is the simplest way to maintain it.


According to the info, Huawei has trained more than 30,000 ICT professionals in Europe in the last decade. Now, the company announced to invest 2.5 million euros to polish the ICT skills of the students. Thereby, the company is cooperating with the top universities and academics to cultivate new talents.

Huawei Mobile Services Updates: Developer Innovation

The executives also emphasize Huawei’s commitment to the assistance vision across all areas of technical innovation. It’ll announce multiple support programs to offer young developers across the world. To date, it has over 5.1 million registered developers connected with over 730 million monthly active users around the globe.

Besides, over 173,000 HMS Core integrated applications have been added for the Huawei AppGallery. In addition, the year-on-year increases by 81% by the end of the third quarter of 2021.


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Huawei is really giving up on Europe?





So, there are reports circulating over the Internet that Huawei is giving up on Europe. Yeah, there are various aspects behind this topic and we’ll tell you the long story short.

Huawei is quitting Europe?

No, Huawei is not giving up on Europe.

What’s happening:


Huawei is about to relocate its workforce and business operations from different European headquarters to a single, effective and better place.


Following the U.S. sanctions, Huawei saw reduced consumer business globally. However, the report also mentions network business, which has also reduced since then.

Reducing the workforce and relocating to an active and more responsive office would help the Chinese company to save money and time. Also, it’ll help Huawei to focus on markets with active demand instead of the ones where its shares have declined severely.

These were the key points of the story and now, let’s dive into the report.


Full Story:

A giant report composed by Politico featuring various Huawei internal officers and executives on how the company is reducing its activity across Europe.

It also mentions Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei’s past speech over some words including survival and working hard. These were already heard before.

There’s an explanation of how CFO Meng Wanzhou’s case, the current Russia-Ukraine war, and the recession causing mayhem for the Chinese tech maker.

According to the information, Huawei currently divides Europe into two markets: Western Europe, run from Düsseldorf; and Eastern Europe and the Nordics, with a top executive based in Warsaw.


Interestingly, it indicates that Huawei is planning to move all of its operations and headquarters to Dusseldorf.

A Huawei Europe spokesperson said that this restricting will help to bring more synergies within the whole European business operation. It will also bring more value directly to Huawei’s customers in Europe.

As for now, Huawei has around 12000 employees and the spokesperson confirmed that these people will work efficiently and stable for the company.

Instead of Europe, Huawei will give up on the market part of the Five Eye. It’s a security group consisting of the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries either banned Huawei or restricted the firm from participating in government or private network contracts.


Still, Huawei is selling consumer products such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other devices.

Mixing up:

To clarify Huawei owns various businesses including consumer and corporate. Hence, Huawei runs these two different businesses in different markets based on its dominance in that area.

The report mostly targets Huawei’s corporate business and its reduction after the U.S. ban. However, it doesn’t spotlight the consumer business that much.



Yes, Huawei is focusing more on its home ground because of Huawei’s popularity in the market. Therefore, leaving the rebound movement won’t make sense.

Huawei’s Future in Europe:

The report contains a lot to read, if you are interested then we encourage you to do so. Similar to the above, we think that the restructuring of the office and workforce will allow Huawei to work efficiently and effectively with less spending.


So, Huawei will continue to operate in Europe and bring on consumer devices such as tablets, smartwatches, earphones, and computer devices to global consumers.

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Germany refuses to ban Huawei: Report





U.S. is chasing Huawei for a long time and Germany is one of the key market that the U.S. government pursued as well but it seems like this European giant has refused to ban the Chinese telecom maker.

According to Reuters, Germany doesn’t want to follow US in banning Huawei as well as its network equipment. Germany’s Economy Ministry spokesperson said that we may take an approach to take such actions in case by case basis instead of vanishing Huawei.

Last week, U.S. banned the important and approval of purchase for Huawei and ZTE made network equipment. The US blames that Huawei equipment could cause nation security risk, while the company has denied such allegations.


An internal paper reveals that Germany could increase scrutiny of all telecom equipment to improve the national security.


It also mentions, 2020’s legislation, which sets new rules to scrutinize telecom equipment makers including Huawei. It also enables German government to completely ban or suspend telecom gear maker’s participation in all type of bids.

The paper consist of 104 page strategy of how Germany should ban or not use components, transportation, water and other products made by companies outside of Germany.

A Huawei spokesperson also gave a statement.

“Secure use of networks is independent of a provider’s country of origin and can only be ensured by means of global standards in international cooperation between industry and regulatory authorities,” Huawei said.


On the other hand, U.S. continue to blame Huawei and want Germany to block it. Representative Michal McCaul told U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee that Germany is jeopardizing its own national security and Europe with its decision on Huawei.

For now, it’s clear that Germany doens’t want to ban Huawei from its network infrastructure but it’s causing panic in U.S. government.

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Huawei and other tech makers introduced new rule for app shaking issues



Huawei app shaking issues rule

Huawei and some other tech giants have jointly released a new rule that can help with app-shaking issues. Alongside the solution, the new rule will also improve the user experience with the third-party applications on the device.

To those who are unaware, app shake is a very convenient feature to use. With a simple shaking gesture on your phone, you can launch any app and start using it without touching the home screen. All you have to do is allow some settings for the particular app.

App-Shaking Issue

So far, the App shake function remained at the top of the feature section. It has provided a rich experience to consumers and has enhanced the way of using an application on a smart gadget.


Although in addition to many positive roles of the respective function, there are some negative points as well. Sometimes, the shake function becomes too sensitive for a few third-party apps. As a result, the apps get open even at a slight jerk or movement.

Moreover, it automatically leads to the advertisement page. Thus, users often get disturbed by such activities on their handsets due to the app-shaking function.

A solution to App Shaking Issue

To end the app-shaking issues Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Alibaba, the China Academy of Information and Technology and many other companies come together and formulated a new rule.

This rule comes under the “App User Rights Protection Evaluation Specification Part 7: Deception, Misleading and Compulsive Behaviour” (T/TAF 078.7-2022)


According to this rule, tech makers will make amendments to phone manufacturing. Consequently, the shaking function will be timed for 15m/s2. Meanwhile, the rotation angle of the screen should be at least 35 degrees. The shaking action should only take place for 3 seconds.

The rule officially came into existence on November 25, 2022. Apart from these tweaks, there aren’t many details about the respective rule and its specifications. However, how the new segments will use and run users’ data and security aspects is still to question to answer.

Let’s see what new changes will the giant manufacturers will bring in their devices in the time ahead.


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