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Huawei Home Storage device goes live on sale



Huawei home storage sale

Huawei has unveiled the HarmonyOS equipped Home Storage device at the Mate 50 series event. And now, it’s time to grab the thoughtful gadget in your hands. The company has finally pushed off the Huawei Home Storage in the sale phase.

According to the latest information, there are two variants of the Huawei Home Storage in this sale. One is the 2TB+2TB version, priced at 2999 yuan [414.91 USD]. While the other is the 8TB+8TB version with a cost tag of 4999 yuan [691.61 USD].

The only difference between the two versions is the model edition. While the 2TB variant is a Western Digital Red Disk Edition (suitable for houses and small businesses), the 8TB model is the Enterprise Edition. You can easily opt for the Home Storage version according to your requirements.

So add this reflective device to your wishlist and leap on the below-given link to catch the ultimate gadget in your hand. Don’t think to miss this golden chance as the lucky users will get a discount of 100 yuan under certain conditions.

Huawei Home Storage Device is waiting here!

Huawei home storage sale

Huawei Home Storage – Key Specs and Functions

The Huawei Home Storage is a smart life product. It easily collaborates with multiple devices to gain the fastest and most efficient data access and transfer services. Besides, it implies an automated synchronization feature on its surface.

As a result, new files, images, and other media contents can save to the storage device automatically. Ahead, it powers the HTD286 processor and the latest HarmonyOS 3 interface to perform effective operations and provides a responsive experience to the users.

Huawei home storage sale

With the new Home Storage device, you can easily browse the images, using the in-built gallery. You can view and manage the stored files in the file manager. Moreover, the device is capable of saving thousands of high-definition movies and games in its storage and can easily display them on Huawei smart screens.

There is a lot more to explore in this concept. You can have a detailed view of the device HERE. And after the review, don’t let the opportunity slip from your hands. Catch your new home storage device NOW!

Huawei home storage sale

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