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Huawei HMS Core is up for download



HMS Core is now rolling out for smartphones running Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and other Android platforms. This update is no different than the past releases.

However, the tech maker is sending it as a part of the recent changes made in security. As well as improvements for certain services inside the device.

  • You can download the Huawei HMS Core from here (link).

Huawei HMS Core

HMS Core:

HMS Core is based on Huawei devices and the Android platform. It is a suit of mobile service consisting of various service capabilities for app developers and mobile apps. All key feature such as app account logins and data access happens through HMS Core.

HMS Core is a gateway for apps and services to access Huawei capabilities including AppGallery, Cloud, Wallet, and Health, as well as third-party apps that have been integrated with HMS Core.

Aside from Huawei ID login, HMS Core also enables in-app purchases, positioning, map, games, and machine learning, to help them bring a better user experience to Huawei device users.

Similar to GMS Core (Google Mobile Services), HMS Core can run on the Android Open Source Project (Android system) and supports Android apps. However, certain Android apps, which solely rely on GMS Core may not be able to run on HMS Core.

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