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Huawei HiCar app is getting public beta update



Huawei HiCar public beta

Huawei HiCar app is receiving a new public beta firmware with the version. The latest build is holding some new offerings. It aims to enhance the connectivity experience for flagship models like the Mate 60 and Pura 70 smartphone lineup.

The HiCar app provides a seamless connection between your Huawei phone and smart car. It allows you to use your device’s navigation, music, calls, voice interaction, and many other features from your car’s dashboard (infotainment screen).

In the latest edition, Huawei has upgraded the HiCar app with a new public beta update. It brings a small-sized software package of 32.2 Megabytes.

HiCar public beta activity is open till July 31. Hence, users have time to sign up for the testing phase and witness the new add-on ahead of the official version rollout.

The changelog reveals that the new HiCar version will bring a new AI voice assistant experience for Mate 60, Pura 70, as well as the Mate X5 devices. Users will be able to command hot news, summaries, and short article writing with these models.

It further comprises a significant ‘refresh rate limit switch’. When enabled, the phone will automatically drop the refresh rate to 60Hz. You can also adjust it manually. The update also carried common bug fixes for a glitch-free experience.

Huawei HiCar public beta

New Huawei HiCar public beta update brings ‘refresh rate limit’ switch (Image Credits: ITHome)


  • Huawei Mate 60 series, Pura 70 series, and Mate X5 series models have a new AI experience upgrade for voice assistants, supporting hot news summaries and short article writing. (stay tuned for subsequent supported models).
  • Resolving known issues.
Huawei HiCar public beta

Huawei HiCar is getting public beta (Image Credits: ITHome)

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