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Huawei Health app updated to version, fixes bugs



Huawei Health APK

Huawei has updated the Huawei Health app to version This update has a size of 95.2MB. This update fixes some bugs found in the previous versions.

What’s new:

  1. Some bugs fixed.

You can download this version from our Huawei Health app page here.

Huawei Health Key Features:

  1. Support walking, running, cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, speed, and other sports data.
  2. Support from 5 km to the marathon running training program.
  3. With Huawei Wear APP data integration, to provide complete, unified sports and health services.

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Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.

App Updates

Google Meet is getting new UI, additional features and new background



Google has announced new features and a completely fresh UI for its video-conferencing application, Google Meet. The new update will install a handful of changes in the application, which includes –

  • Newly design refreshed look
  • Additional features
  • Background changes

All these changes will be updated in the coming months and will improve the video conferencing experience of the users.

Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming changes in Google meet:

Newly design refreshed look:

With the new design and refreshed look, the Goole Meet will get a more spacious look. Afterward, users can use more areas to see the video clip and also can add more windows.

It will also shift the Meeting dial-in codes, the participant list, chat, and attachments options on the bottom right corner of the window, which made more space in vertical alignment.


The additional buttons like mute, pause, turn on captions, wave, and present placed next to the power button on the bottom-mid of the window.

The additional changes will bring boast of features to place all control on the bottom bar of the window. So, no need to use the pop-up menu or drop menu often.

Additional Changes:

After the updated user can resize, reposition or hide their video feed while the video conferencing. As well there is an AI Zooming feature is also coming, which said to be available for the paid subscribers.

Together with all this, now presenters are able to unpin their content to see other people on the call and gauge reactions. Google is also planning to launch the ability to pin multiple video feeds which is likely to come soon.


Furthermore, Google Meet will also get the Data Saver Mode on the mobile version by this month. It will be helpful in using the limited data.

Background changes:

About the background changes, Google is introducing three themes including a classroom, a party, and a forest.

In Addition, Google Meet will also now automatically detect a low light background and automatically adjust the brightness. This feature will roll out to Google Meet on the web in the coming weeks.


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App Updates

Huawei voice assistant will soon support for Japanese AI subtitles



To date, Huawei technology stretch to almost every field including smart products manufacturing, Cloud and computing services, and software application development, etc. As well the company is also taking the essential steps to grow in these fields.

Huawei is also advancing itself in the field of voice assistant technology and embedding it into its devices. Related to this, as per the latest information, the company has been started to test a new version of the company’s smart voice app on Huawei smartphones.

The new version is committed to liberating users through advanced voice interaction technology. According to the changelog, this latest version brings many optimizations to provide a more enhanced user experience.

It was also mentioned that it will allow the app to provide support for Japanese AI subtitles for more ease of language transmissions.


Release Note Details:

  • Update version: Users can identify this update with the built version
  • Update size: It contains a 56.1MB update package size

Release Note Changelog:

  • Optimize the ease of use of AI subtitles, and add support for AI subtitles in call scenes. Daily drama chasing and communication are more relaxed and enjoyable (only for ROM 11.0 and above).
  • Optimize the weather function, accurately sense cold and warm, and respond to weather changes in time
  • Access to quark chat, add a new chat function to help you pass the boring time
  • Optimize smooth connection-number return

Not a long ago, Huawei Assistant honored as the first-ever virtual smartphone assistant to support an Esports ‘card’. Now, users can enjoy live scores, results, and sports headlines of the major gaming events.

However, it’s not confirmed, whether this feature will be available to markets outside of China.


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App Updates

New Head up Display and COVID-19 supporting features rolling for Huawei Petal Maps app



Just like Google Maps, Huawei has also released its home-ground developed map service last year, Petal Maps. For download, this application is available on AppGallery with useful features.

Now, Huawei is sending a new application update for Petal Maps, which comes with a number of new features including a Head-up display (HUD), COVID-19 supporting functions, and more.

Additionally, it also brings optimizations for volume adjustment for voice broadcasts during navigation, as well as Bluetooth settings, Shows an outline of the place when searching for AOIs, and more.

Talking about Petal Maps, it offers map browsing, map searching, navigation, and air gestures. Also, it not only lets you get your current location, browse the map, search for places, and add your favorites, but displays real-time traffic conditions, events, and more.


Updates version: Users can identify this latest update with version updated from with an update size of 16.9MB.

Check the detailed changelog mentioned below.


New features:

  • Adda Head-up Display (HUD) functionality
  • Supports creating custom favorite lists
  • Allows showing COVID-19 information on the map
  • Supports searching COVID-19 vaccination sites (France and Singapore)


  • Optimizes volume adjustment for voice broadcasts during navigation, as well as Bluetooth settings
  • Adds an avoid ferries option when planning routes
  • Shows an outline of the place when searching for AOIs (Areas of Interest) such as airport

For more information:

Petal Maps application initially supports multiple languages, with voice notifications in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin in over 140 countries.

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New update for Petal Maps brings options for real time traffic, public transit information and more

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