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Huawei Health bring important UI fixes



Huawei Health App

Huawei Health app is getting new improvements in features and services with version It added important UI bug fixes to improve your user experience.

Huawei Health users continue to receive new versions in order to provide better functionalities throughout the app. These mostly come into play while using a smartwatch or other smart wearable devices when you connect them to a smartphone.

The latest build is no exception to this theory, as it optimizes the app’s UI display and performance in different scenarios. Meanwhile, you can grab Huawei Health from AppGallery. All you need to do is to open the app, tap on “Me” and find the available app updates. That’s it!

Huawei Health App

App icon change:

Over the past three months, Huawei is actively promoting a discrete change in the Huawei Health app. It’s the new App Icon but for some users, it has remained unknown. However, for some, it is completely new.

If you are not able to see the changes, make sure to install the latest Huawei Health update and restart your smartphone. This may swap the old icon with the new one.

huawei health app new logo

Removal from Play Store:

A report on this matter also revealed that the Huawei Health app is no longer available on Google Play Store. But the company has not been updating any new version of Google’s app distribution platform since 2020. This has caused a major discussion among the internet community. However, Huawei is actively managing the app on other app distribution platforms such as App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

No wonder why, Huawei stopped doing the same on Android. But since Play Store is no longer pre-installed in new Huawei phones, it almost doesn’t matter to users.

Huawei Health App Google Play Store

About the app:

Huawei Health app lets you manage your smart connect wearable via smartphone. It tracks your progress and records your health vitals. The app also lets you download and install new watch faces and enables firmware updates.

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