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Huawei HarmonyOS May 2022 security patch details out



Huawei HarmonyOS May 2022 security

HarmonyOS 3.0 operating system is on the way and will soon reach Huawei device users with brand new features. In the meantime, Huawei has published the latest May 2022 security patch details for HarmonyOS-powered devices.

Still, Huawei HarmonyOS operating system is limited to the Chinese market for smartphone devices. While the global tablet users are enjoying the HarmonyOS 2.0 on the board. However, the users are eager to install HM OS on smartphones in overseas markets. At the moment, the company doesn’t have plans such plans.

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Coming back to May 2022 security patch, it includes fixes for a bunch of CVEs encountered in different sections of the system such as Framework, Kernel, system, application, and third-party libraries.

As always, the regular rollout of the security patches is mandatory for any smart device and part of system maintenance. So, without further ado, let’s check what’s new in the latest HarmonyOS 2.0 security patch.

Well, the May 2022 security patch resolve 1 CVE in the framework, 5 CVEs in the kernel, 6 CVEs in the system, 1 CVE in the application, and 53 CVEs were fixed in third-party libraries.

Huawei HarmonyOS May 2022 security

Huawei HarmonyOS May 2022 security patch details:


  • CVE-2021-46787


  • CVE-2021-46786, CVE-2022-29795, CVE-2022-29794, CVE-2022-22260, CVE-2022-29792


  • CVE-2022-29790, CVE-2022-29796, CVE-2022-29791, CVE-2022-29789, CVE-2022-22261, CVE-2021-46785


  • CVE-2022-29793

Third-party libraries:

  • CVE-2021-35081, CVE-2021-30276, CVE-2021-30285, CVE-2021-39803, CVE-2021-39804, CVE-2021-39794, CVE-2021-39796, CVE-2021-39808, CVE-2021-39795, CVE-2021-39809, CVE-2021-30334, CVE-2021-35130, CVE-2021-0707, CVE-2021-39800, CVE-2021-39801, CVE-2021-39690, CVE-2022-20047, CVE-2022-20048, CVE-2021-39776, CVE-2021-1918, CVE-2021-30267, CVE-2021-30268, CVE-2021-30269, CVE-2021-30270, CVE-2021-30271, CVE-2021-30273, CVE-2021-30283, CVE-2021-30289, CVE-2021-30293, CVE-2021-30303, CVE-2021-30287, CVE-2021-30300, CVE-2021-30301, CVE-2021-30307, CVE-2021-0694, CVE-2021-39771, CVE-2021-35071, CVE-2021-21781, CVE-2021-39715, CVE-2021-39739, CVE-2021-39741, CVE-2021-39748, CVE-2021-39759, CVE-2021-39760, CVE-2021-39762, CVE-2021-39763, CVE-2021-39764, CVE-2021-39774, CVE-2021-39777, CVE-2021-39781, CVE-2021-39746, CVE-2021-39757, CVE-2021-39786

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