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Huawei HarmonyOS April 2022 Updates List



Huawei HarmonyOS April 2022 updates

Huawei’s HarmonyOS software system is currently limited to the Chinese market and the global launch is still awaited. On the home ground, the least possible Huawei device is upgraded over HarmonyOS 2.0 software version.

Now, the HarmonyOS 3.0 vibes have started circulating through online platforms and it is expected to arrive in September this year. Yes! every HarmonyOS device users want to know the new HM OS 3.0 features and what’s new the company added to it.

Currently, there is no information available related to its features. Previously, it was reported that there are not many changes will be made to the UI, but performance will be enhanced alongside other improvements.

Editor’s suggestion: Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 and OpenHarmony 3.1 ready to launch in September


On the other side, Huawei has released the April 2022 security patch details for HarmonyOS devices to improve system security and privacy. In detail, it carries fixes for 49 CVEs found in the latest HarmonyOS system.

Among them 1 CVE is from Kernel, 1 CVE from the system, 1 CVE from the framework, 7 CVEs from the application as well as 39 CVEs from third-party libraries for better system privacy.

As of now, the rollout of the April 2022 HarmonyOS security update has not started. But, it will soon be dispatched with upcoming software updates. On the flip side, Huawei will release a bunch of software updates in a single month.

So, this article is going to be very useful for you as it included all types of updates rollout for the Huawei HarmonyOS device in April 2022. You can check the update details below.


Huawei HarmonyOS April 2022 updates

Huawei HarmonyOS April 2022 Updates:

April 30, 2022:

  • Standard Huawei P50 smartphone is receiving April 2022 firmware update that brings various new features and improvements. Read more
  • Huawei is sending the latest April 2022 HarmonyOS software update for P40 series smartphones. Read more

April 29, 2022:

  • Huawei has pushed off March 2022 update for Huawei MatePad 10.4 running on HarmonyOS 2.0 system in the global market. Read more

April 28, 2022:

  • Huawei is sending the March 2022 HarmonyOS software update for a bunch of Honor devices, which added new devices support for the Super Device feature, adds Senior mode for easier settings management, and more.

April 27, 2022:

  • Huawei has pushed off March 2022 HarmonyOS update for Huawei Mate 20 X 5G smartphone. Read more
  • Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 tablet users in receiving March 2022 HarmonyOS software update. Read more
  • Huawei MatePad 11 has begun collecting the latest April 2022 HarmonyOS software update that comes with version Read more

April 26, 2022:

  • Huawei P20 smartphone running on HarmonyOS 2.0 system is receiving March 2022 software update. Read more
  • Huawei Mate 10 series is receiving the March 2022 HarmonyOS software update in China. Read more
  • Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design has started receiving the March 2022 HarmonyOS software update. Read more

April 23, 2022:

  • Huawei April 2022 software update reached to flagship – Huawei Mate 40 smartphone powered by HarmonyOS 2.0. Read more
  • Huawei Mate 40E smartphone getting new system optimizations with the latest HarmonyOS update. Read more

April 21, 2022:

  • Huawei Nova 7 SE 5G Vitality Edition has started receiving the latest HarmonyOS software update that comes with the HarmonyOS version Read more

April 20, 2022:

  • Huawei has dispatched the latest HarmonyOS version update for the Honor X10 smartphone. Read more

April 19, 2022:

  • Huawei P50E smartphone’s first update comes with HarmonyOS build number (SP1C00E130R2P3). Read more
  • Huawei is sending a new improvements update for Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus smartphone with HarmonyOS version Read more

April 18, 2022:

  • Huawei has dispatched the March 2022 HarmonyOS software update for Honor 20 series smartphone users. Read more
  • Huawei has finally started to roll out the latest April 2022 HarmonyOS security update and the first device to install this patch is the flagship – P50 Pro. Read more

April 14, 2022:

  • Huawei Enjoy 10S getting March 2022 security patch [HM OS]. Read more
  • Huawei Nova 5i Pro receiving new features with HarmonyOS Read more
  • Huawei Nova 5z receiving HarmonyOS software update. Read more

April 13, 2022:

  • Huawei Nova 8 SE 4G grabbing HarmonyOS software update. Read more
  • Huawei Nova 5 and 5 Pro obtained March 2022 HarmonyOS update. Read more

April 12, 2022:

  • March 2022 update released for Honor 30 Pro and 30 Pro Plus (HarmonyOS). Read more
  • Honor Play 4T and 4T Pro installed March 2022 firmware update. Read more

April 6, 2022:

  • Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 gets March 2022 HarmonyOS update. Read more

April 10, 2022:

  • March 2022 HarmonyOS update released for Huawei Enjoy 20 5G. Read more

April 5, 2022:

  • Huawei MatePad Paper gets new optimizations with HM OS Read more

April 4, 2022:

  • Huawei Mate Xs gets March 2022 HarmonyOS security update. Read more

April 2, 2022:

  • Honor 9X series receiving February 2022 HarmonyOS update. Read more

April 1, 2022:

  • Honor 20S gets March 2022 HarmonyOS security. Read more
  • Honor 30 obtained March 2022 HarmonyOS update. Read more
  • March 2022 HarmonyOS security releases for Honor 30S. Read more
  • Honor Play 3 began collecting March 2022 patch. Read more
  • Huawei Mate 20 series March 2022 HarmonyOS firmware out. Read more
  • Huawei P30 devices are receiving March 2022 HarmonyOS update. Read more
  • March 2022 HarmonyOS features rolling out for the Huawei Nova 8 SE models. Read more
  • Huawei Enjoy 9e grabs EMUI software improvements. Read more
  • Huawei Nova 7 SE 5G getting new features with HarmonyOS Read more

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Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 official version to launch by late July





We are eager to know what HarmonyOS 3.0 has to offer for the consumers and what Huawei will feed into this upcoming operating system version but it seems like the official version will set us free by late July.

According to the information coming from well known Weibo tipster, Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 official version is likely to release by late July. However, the tipster didn’t confirm an exact date or process that Huawei will follow after the release.

As for now, the Chinese tech maker is conducting HarmonyOS 3.0 developer beta testing for public users. Although, the slots of pretty low and it’s opened for a few models, we’re likely to see a wide testing in the coming month and more devices will join the testing campaign, right after the release of this software.

Under the development, Huawei working to improve the efficiency and the performance of this software that will allow consumers to take advantage of the latest features and execute app tasks easily.


harmonyos 3.0 late july

Previously a report revealed that HarmonyOS 3.0 has made some changes in the taskbar by moving the position of some icons from one place to another.

HarmonyOS 3.0 developer beta has new enhancements for internal accessibility JS/eTS language application development capabilities. You can use JS/eTS language to efficiently develop complex interface applications, and at the same time obtain the improvement of application startup speed.

The developer version is also focusing on two of the most important HarmonyOS frameworks – ArkUI and ArkCompiler. These two are crucial in HarmonyOS 3.0 performance and speed.

HarmonyOS 3.0:

HarmonyOS 3.0 was initially announced at Huawei Developer Conference 2021, at that Huawei didn’t reveal any changes that have been made to the user interface. However, the firm noted clearly that it is working on improving the performance of this software. Hence, we’d surely like to know how much HarmonyOS 3.0 has been improved as compared to HarmonyOS 2.0 when it launches.


(Source – Weibo)

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Well known companies to launch non-Huawei HarmonyOS phones




non-huawei harmonyos phones

According to the latest information, non-Huawei HarmonyOS operating system phones are currently in planning in the launch pipeline. That’s not it, well know companies and device manufacturers are planning to launch new HarmonyOS devices.

Huawei is preparing to launch the Nova 10 and Mate 50 series devices in the coming months and there are a bunch of other devices that will be based on the HarmonyOS operating system. Huawei is continuously promoting HarmonyOS on its devices and working to improve the user experience.

The Chinese tech maker is working to launch HarmonyOS 3.0 version for the consumers and already started testing the beta version for many of the devices.

However, the industry can utilize the open-source OpenHarmony 3.0 project to make it the base of their software.


non-huawei harmonyos phones

Earlier this month, OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 1 launched with new features for the developers. That has better capabilities as well as enhanced compatibility for more devices.

Huawei is working with industry leaders to get HarmonyOS installed in many devices and the company now looking for major partners and smartphone makers to adopt the operating system under their software skins.

If we look at the achievement of this operating system, so far, Huawei has installed the HarmonyOS operating system in over 300 million devices. Of which, 200 million only come under the belt of Huawei and 100 million devices were made by other device manufacturers from different companies such as IoT, smart home compliances, and other consumer-based products.

Unveiled in 2019, HarmonyOS is a multi-kernel operating system, the company first introduced this software for smart TVs. At HDC 2022, Huawei massively opened this software for major consumer-based platforms including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, in-car systems, IoT devices, and the least possible RAM or memory devices with up to 128kb of processing power.


Currently, Huawei has not confirmed the news of adopting HarmonyOS on non-Huawei phones but we’ll keep you posted with further updates.

non-huawei harmonyos phones

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Huawei Enjoy 10.1 Tablet update improves audio playback and display interface



Huawei Enjoy 10.1 Tablet update

Huawei has finally turned its face to the cost-effective Enjoy 10.1-inch tablet and has pushed off a new HarmonyOS update. The update packs a bundle of improvements in its bag for the display as well as the audio functions of the device.

According to the latest information, the new update optimizes the display element for some of the interface contents in the system. Further, it improves the functionality of the audio playback concerning the Bluetooth headsets.

Thus, users would be able to experience better graphics and sound experience while using the respective device. Apart from the display and audio operations, the update fixes the anti-mistouch gestures experience in the gaming scenarios. As a result, gaming lovers can operate the device accordingly.

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However, users may not like the concept of the security patch. Unfortunately, the update is running on the February 2022 security patch. Although, users were eagerly waiting for the latest patch released in June 2022.


Adapting Update Models:

  • Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 inches AGS2-AL00
  • Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 inches AGS2-W09

The latest firmware update for the Huawei Enjoy 10.1-inch tablet carries the build version. Consequently, users must have the baseline version for installing the new update.

For upgrading your device to the latest software, visit the Settings application on the tablet’s menu. Further, select the System & Updates followed by the Software Updates. Next, tap on the Check for Updates, and wait for the device to check the server.

Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions, and install the update. Keep in mind to use a stable Wi-Fi connection for conducting the installation process.

Huawei Enjoy 10.1 Tablet update

Full Changelog:


  • Optimizes the display of some interface contents
  • Optimized the anti-mistouch operation experience of the game scenes
  • Optimizes the audio playback experience of Bluetooth headsets

Security Patch:

  • Incorporates the February 2022 security patch to enhance system security


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