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Huawei HarmonyOS 3.1 preparing for beta test



Harmonyos 3.1 beta

Huawei is working on HarmonyOS 3.1 and it has now adopted a new development phase to start beta testing. Huawei announced HarmonyOS 3.1 during HDC 2022 event and shared a launch roadmap.

Recently, Huawei released new development samples for HarmonyOS 3.1 including API 9 support. This brings new capabilities for developers to include new features.

Below you can check the details on all these five HarmonyOS 3.1 samples.

Sample 1 – Weather:

This sample contains a sample of a weather application that has a home page, city management, the option to add cities, and notifications for weather timely updates.

With this sample, developers can learn how to use a set of codes to implement apps in different screen sizes, and maintain the overall style consistency in UI for different devices.

Sample 2: Custom Sharing:

This HarmonyOS 3.1 sample will show custom sharing for message-sending apps to share and show text, links, pictures, and more for third-party apps.

The sample will help devs to understand data requests and responses, screenshot settings, file management, and media services.

Sample 3: Puzzle

This HarmonyOS 3.1 sample brings a jigsaw puzzle game example made with grid components and realizes image fetching, cropping, and segmentation via an image processing tool and media library management interface.

This third sample enables developers to master media library management, image processing, and grid components.

Sample 4: Another game

This sample will consist of a Backgammon game providing further information to developers such as distributed data management, using the Canvas component to realize the drawing of chessboard and chess pieces to synchronize between different devices.

It will provide capabilities such as canvas components, distributed data, and device management.

Sample 5: Collection

The final sample has a collection of components, including ArkUI, general capabilities, animations, and more. Furthermore, this sample will provide developers to intuitively adapt UI component development on various devices.


These samples will help developers to understand the latest changes in HarmonyOS 3.1. Other than that, these are indications that Huawei is gearing up for the HarmonyOS 3.1 beta on smartphones.

Harmonyos 3.1 beta

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