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Huawei founder motivates employees to think for future innovations



Huawei founder employees

In recent days, Huawei has gone through several obstacles. Mentioning the major one, the US sanctions have almost hampered the company’s widespread business. Thus, in order to remake itself, Huawei founder – Ren Zhengfei has started motivating the employees for future innovations.

Although, the Chinese manufacturer has a strong worldwide staff (approx 195,000) that could easily regain the profit of their business. Yet, the company finds it difficult to recollect all the revenue sources and meet the same benefits, once it had.

Hence, the Huawei founder called off his employees and experts to speak deliberately about how to give a better direction to the company’s progress. Accordingly, more than 6000 scientists and consultants have sat around the table discussing ideas for new creations.

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Ren Zhengfei Views:

Apart from the employees, Ren himself kept his words in front of the staff members describing the ongoing efforts and other transformations of the Chinese firm:

“The transformation from ideas to projects and products will depend on the review by decision-makers. And I hope everything the company does is within boundaries and creates short or long-term value. Your innovation should have business value rather than just being an idea.”

Huawei founder employees

Previous reports show that Huawei faced a decline of one-third in its last year’s sales. Though somehow, the company managed to make profits by 76%. Yet, it was less than that of the sale of 2020. Moreover, the 76 percent profit has a huge contribution to the Honor smartphone business.

Alongside, the smartphone business has come under the sanctions toils due to which the company’s revenue dropped half from the last year, that is 243.4 billion yuan. In order to accelerate the smartphone business this year, Huawei added a new model to its Nova lineup – Huawei Nova 10 series. However, the lack of 5G capability could serve as a challenge for the company’s yield in some manner.


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