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Huawei flagship phones will still be launched as planned: Huawei



Huawei P50 Pro render

Huawei has just released the annual business report for the year 2020, in which the Chinese tech giant has explained the growth in business for the mentioned timeline. According to the information, Huawei posted 891.4 billion yuan in global sales revenue and 64.6 billion yuan net profit. These also have a 3.8% and 3.2% on year increase respectively.

As mentioned previously, the company has posted this performance in the face of challenges presented by the U.S. sanctions as well as issues that prohibited the company from accessing vital components to build new products.

Talking especially on the smartphone business, Hu Houkun, Huawei’s Vice Chairman and Rotating Chairman said that the future of the mobile phone business is still uncertain due to the unclear supply situation, but the planned flagship model will still be launched as planned.

Currently, Huawei is preparing to launch the next P series flagship, P50. However, the company is yet to decide a launch date to bring this phone to the consumers.

He believes that Huawei’s series of mobile phones will still maintain the market leader’s postion.

In terms of chips, Huawei has made reserves and there are no current problems in meeting ToBs customer demands. Ultimately, the improvements in global chip supply deepened the recovery of the global semiconductor supply chain.

In terms of consumer business growth, Huawei said it is committed to adhere and work on its 1+8+N full scenario smart life strategy. Hu Houkun said that although the revenue of mobile phones has declined by 1, the sales of 8+N including tablets and smart wearables devices achieved high growth of 65% in the last year, which has made a big contribution to control the impact that has been made because of the decline in the mobile phones business.

The official also suggested that the mobile phone business is only a smart part of Huawei’s consumer business instead of counting it as a whole. But it has its own importance for the business for instance the latest Mate X2 foldable phone is unique on its own and hard for the match for any other smartphone maker.

In hi closing words, he said that U.S. sanctions have disrupted the global supply chain industry and it’s not clear who will get the benefit out of the current situation. Both upstream and downstream business holders are the victims including the suppliers from the U.S. are also suffering greatly.

He admitted that this is unfair and this misunderstanding must be corrected.

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