Huawei unibody phone with under display and disappearing cameras appears in a patent

On February 21, 2020, China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) approved and published a new design patent of a strange Huawei phone with a unibody design, found by a Twitter user – TheTechGuy.

According to the design, the phone features a full view display that curves to the back of the device and blends back to create a round shape on both left and right sides as well as at the top and bottom.

The phone only features a USB Type-C charging port at the bottom and volume rocker + power button on the right and not nothing else. The phone doesn’t even feature speaker grills and may have been using sound on display.

Notably, the phone’s display has no sign of selfie camera, cutout or any other notch types and is a complete full view panel. The disappearance of the selfie camera could relate to under-display camera technology.

The design also shows a strange rear camera bump with blackout small display, reminding us of new tech such as an invisible camera.

This kind of camera incorporates electrochromic technology that lets the phone rapidly change the opacity of the glass covering the camera array underneath. That means it’s effectively just all black, and the cameras are incredibly hard to see until you trigger the camera app.

Other than the design, there’s no additional information published by the CNIPA but it seems more like a concept phone rather than a daily used product and we’ll have to wait to see if Huawei really puts this design into development.






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