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Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1 brings new features



Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1

Huawei has now announced the DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1, this new version brings fixes, improvements, and system stability performance improvements for a better app development environment.

Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 beta 1 is important and developers should grab this tool and keep on a check on the changelog.

Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1

New features:

  • Added the configuration visualization function of the HarmonyOS Connect solution, which supports the visualization of configuration vendor and device warehouse information, and one-click pulling of the code in the code warehouse to the corresponding project directory.
  • Added automatic printing and saving of DevEco Device Tool system logs and compilation logs. You can configure records by modifying the log.ini file, including the log name, storage path, and the size of a single log file.
  • Added support for configuring a local burner. If there is a new version of the burner or another burner needs to be used, you can specify the local burner in Uploader > Use Custom Burn Tool. Currently supports Hi3861V100 and BearPi-HM Nano development boards.

Enhanced Features:

  • Supports verification of the “” file provided by the HarmonyOS Connect solution.
  • Pulling OpenHarmony source code by DevEco Device Tool supports the function of resuming upload after the breakpoint.

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed the issue that the HPM CLI function was abnormal and could not be used.
  • Fixed the problem of garbled Chinese characters in Monitor.
  • Fixed the problem that garbled characters appeared when the script was executed by clicking Run after the emulator was successfully compiled.
  • They fixed an issue where spaces in the path were not supported when the DevEco Device Tool was opened in Windows and the file path was selected.

Back in June, Huawei released version 3.0 of DevEco Studio which also boasted the device tool with new features and improvements over the past version.

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