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Huawei debuts January 2023 EMUI security details, as EMUI 13 remains invisible



Huawei EMUI

Huawei launches January 2023 EMUI security bulletin with the latest security patch. As EMUI 13 remains invisible to old smartphone users, which is quite frustrating.

Huawei rolls out these software update in monthly and quarterly updates cycles. While it brings new security patches, optimizations, and feature improvements for a better user experience. Yearly, the phone maker sends a major version to install a new UI and UX.

December 2022 patch:

As for now, Huawei is expanding December 2022 security patch for almost all of the devices including Mate 40 Pro, Mate 30 Pro, P40 Pro, and P50 Pro. While mid-range phones also completed this installation.

EMUI 13:

Huawei EMUI 13 brings a number of new features including smart folders, service widgets, system optimizations, improvements, and security services. However, Huawei has made any move to reveal details about this upcoming EMUI version as it remains invisible from the OTA rollout.

Patch Details:

It is revealed that the patch fixes 4 issues in critical condition, 24 vulnerabilities in high mode, and 7 issues in the medium level. On the other hand, the security patch also includes fixes CVEs that were included in the previous updates.

Aside from details, Huawei has not initiated the January 2023 EMUI security patch for its smartphones but we may soon get this over OTA. If you want to check for the latest software installation do visit the System settings.

Below you can check the CVE details of the Huawei EMUI January 2022 security patch.


  • CVE-2022-20411, CVE-2022-20472, CVE-2022-20473, CVE-2022-20498


  • CVE-2021-0934, CVE-2022-20124, CVE-2022-20449, CVE-2022-20466, CVE-2022-20469, CVE-2022-20470, CVE-2022-20474, CVE-2022-20476, CVE-2022-20478, CVE-2022-20479, CVE-2022-20480, CVE-2022-20483, CVE-2022-20484, CVE-2022-20485, CVE-2022-20486, CVE-2022-20487, CVE-2022-20488, CVE-2022-20491, CVE-2022-20495, CVE-2022-20496, CVE-2022-20500, CVE-2022-20501, CVE-2022-20611, CVE-2022-33268


  • CVE-2022-20468, CVE-2022-25677, CVE-2022-1419, CVE-2022-28390, CVE-2022-30594, CVE-2022-20571, CVE-2022-20572


  • none

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2022-20426, CVE-2022-20425, CVE-2022-20392, CVE-2022-25669, CVE-2022-25688, CVE-2022-25658, CVE-2022-25659

These are just some scientific declaration for Huawei smartphones but all of these contributes in the device’s data security.

Huawei EMUI

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