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Huawei completed 30 years of U.S. journey for AI and OS progress in just 10 years: Chairman



Huawei AI OS U.S.

During the HDC 2024 event, the Chairman of Huawei Consumer Business Yu Chengdong said that the company has made AI and OS (operating system) breakthroughs in just 10 years, compared to the U.S. and European counterparts.

Yu says that the company has taken huge steps in operating systems and AI breakthroughs over the past decade. More than 900 million devices are already running on the HarmonyOS operating system while the total number of developers reached 2.54 million.

Despite U.S. sanctions and many other challenges, the Chinese phone maker continued its journey towards better Huawei OS and AI product development. Most of these products are even more efficient and capable than the foreign options.

Era of the Internet has been a main factor that helped the company to improve its progress and surpass the U.S. operating systems and other relevant software that have ruled over the Chinese smartphone market for a long time.

“HarmonyOS has made major breakthroughs. You can say in 10 years we’ve achieved what it took our European and American counterparts more than 30 years to do, in terms of building the core technology of an independent operating system.” – said Yu Chengdong.

Huawei AI OS U.S.

Huawei completed 30 years of U.S. journey for AI and OS progress in just 10 years (Image Credits: Huawei)

The Chairman further talks about how the company’s Ascend AI chips are far ahead of the U.S. chipmakers’ products such as Nvidia A100 in many aspects. Ascend AI chips now count as the second most popular after Nvidia processors.

Huawei has been blacklisted by the U.S. authorities in 2019 in the name of security concerns. The company hereafter faced several obstacles in the field of chip manufacturing and hardware products. Although things took a turn last year with the return of Kirin 5G.

Mate 60 Pro launched in August 2023 with a Kirin 9000s 5G chip and resulted in a booming sales revenue. It also helped the company regain its shares in the Chinese market and went to the top after a long time.

The company continued this progress with the Nova 12 series in December 2023 and now the Pura 70 series. It would be worth seeing how far HarmonyOS NEXT will take this journey.

(Source – Reuters)

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