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Huawei Club App features merged to My Huawei app



MY Huawei App

Huawei has removed the Huawei Club App from AppGallery reported by Chinese media. According to the information, the functionalities of Huawei Club are integrated into the My Huawei app, which is all one solution for different services.

The report mentioned that while searching the Huawei Club app on AppGallery, the Tencent game “Xinyu Club” with the same name was recommended to download and install. Furthermore, the sections of the Huawei Club app include HarmonyOS, Petal Store, I want to visit the homepage, 0 yuan trial, and others all are founded on My Huawei.

Huawei Club App AppGallery

However, the homepage of My Huawei app currently shows the new flagship launch conference posters, HarmonyOS recruitment details, Huawei care offers, and more. Menawhile, the user who has already installed the Huawei Club app on their devices can still use it normally.

My Huawei App:

My Huawei App is launched as the all-in-one solution of services for the consumers. It integrates services such as gameplay skills, Huawei Mall, Huawei Academy, Huawei Forum, nearby stores, shopping, and much more.


Huawei’s goal behind this app is to provide fast and high-quality service for users in one place. With this app, users do not need to use multiple apps and swap them back forth to use their respective services, which is more convenient and will save a lot of background memory usage and storage.

Key Features:

intimate Service:

  • One-click search for nearby stores, online appointments, and smart detection

Playing Skills:

  • Quickly master the gameplay skills and experience the characteristics of the device at one-stop

Genuine Purchase:

  • Huawei’s full-scenario products, selected pieces, month by month, and new, authentic products can be purchased.

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Google Play

How to check Google Play Protect certificate on Android devices



Google Play Protect certificate

Google delivers Android updates with security against unwanted bugs and viruses that may cause your device and compromise data. Moreover, the built-in Play service gives you access to entertain yourself with the third-party app.

On the flip side, Google boasts you access to check whether your Android device is Play Protect certified, to ensure the security and device compatibility to run apps, and also to maintain your device consistency and security Google.

In other words, if your device has a Google Play Protect certificate, then it shows only the licensed apps for Google with passed Android compatibility testing. Notably, the certified smartphone is compatible with Google apps like the Google Play Store, Gmail and more.

If you’re using an unauthenticated device, Google will not verify that your device’s app is fair. In addition, devices are vulnerable to security risks because they cannot receive system or app updates. This also means that your data will not be backed up and synced with Google services.


On the other hand, if you are using the latest Huawei smartphone then you will not find the Google Play Services. This is due to the partnership breakup between Huawei and Google, which prohibits Huawei from using GMS. For Huawei users, the Chinese tech giant launches its own Mobile Services HMS in replacement of GMS but it’s still under development.

Here you can check the guide to see if your Android device is Play Protect Certified or not:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app

Google Play Certificaton

  • Now click on the profile icon

  • Go to settings
  • Under About scroll down to find Play Protect certification

If you find ‘Device is Uncertified’ then contact your device manufacturer immediately and ask for a fully tested and Play Protect certified device. Google Play Protect certificate helps your device secure it from all threats.

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Google Play

Google Play System Update June 2022: New Features, Fixes, Optimizations




google play system update june 2022

We’ve entered July but Google is continuously adding new patches for Android devices with the latest June 2022 Play System Updates. Adding to this, Google has released the final June 2022 Play System update notes including fixes, optimizations, and improvements for Google Play Store and other system functionalities.

Usually, Android phones install System updates on devices with security, bug fixes, and new features. Such updates cover – Security & Privacy, support, utilities, system management, and developer services, location services, device connection, account management, and more. Google Play System updates rolling out for Android devices, tablets, Android TV and Google TV devices, Android Auto-enabled vehicles, wear OS devices, and Chrome devices.

If you own an Android-powered smartphone or above of the devices derived from the above-mentioned platforms, then do download the June 2022 Google Play System Update. Under the June update details, Google has sent the following version upgrades and features via the following updates and related applications:

  • Available through Google Play system update for June.
  • Available through Google Play services v22.18 updated on 06/30/2022
  • Available through Google Play Store v30.3 updated on 06/30/2022.
  • Available through Google Play services v22.21 updated on 06/30/2022.
  • Available through Google Play services v22.26 updated on 06/30/2022.

Check the complete June 2022 Changelog below.

Critical Fixes

  • [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Bug fixes for account management, safety & emergency, and system management & diagnostics related services.

Account Management

  • [Phone, Tablet] Enabled Google account-related critical security alerts within Google apps.

Device Connections

  • [Phone, Tablet, TV] Add support for storing and sharing Thread network credentials.

Google Play Store:

  • Improvements to the Play-as-you-download feature to let gamers start playing mobile games while the app download continues to reduce waiting times.
  • New Features to help you discover the Apps & Games you love.
  • Optimizations allow faster and more reliable download and installation.
  • New features to the Play Pass and Play Points programs.
  • Enhancements to Google Play Billing.
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device safe.
  • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements to security, stability, and accessibility.

Security & Privacy

  • [Phone] Support for shortcuts to the Password Manager.
  • [Phone] The Google password manager can now be accessed through a URL.


  • [Phone] This release adds Promoted Product Links to GoogleHelp.


  1. [Phone] Updated Sync UI System with the latest Google Material design.[4]

System Management

  • Updates to system management services that improve device performance and stability & performance.

Developer Services

  • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support account management, ads, and developer features related to developer services in their apps.

google play system update june 2022

(source – Google)

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Google Play

Download Google Play Store 31.2.21




Google Play Store 31.2.21

Google has published a new Play Store 31.2.21 app update, that brings a number of new improvements. In the past few days, the Android maker has shared new builds to improve the work and performance of this Android app market. Speaking of which, the new version of the Play Store doesn’t have any major changes.

According to the information, Google Play Store publishes these updates to push the latest changes and optimizations for Android phones. These optimizations also improve the sections of the store such as games, apps, pre-orders, and more.

You can download the latest Google Play Store Version 31.2.21 from the article here.

Google Play Store 31.2.21

Recent Settlement:

A blog post from the tech giant reveals that the company will pay 90 million USD to settle a lawsuit with US developers that accused Google of abusing the Play Store. The allegation also blames Google for charging an unfair fee on the app and in-app purchases made via the Play Store.


According to the information, developers with 2 million USD income per annual between 2016 and 2021 will be eligible to get compensation under the latest payoff.

“To continue to provide developers with a tiered pricing model, we’ll maintain Google’s 15% commission rate for the first $1 million in annual revenue earned from the Google Play Store for U.S. developers, which we implemented in 2021.” wrote Google.

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