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Huawei Cloud unveils Pangu Large Model 5.0



Huawei Pangu Model 5.0

On June 21, Huawei Cloud unveiled the Pangu Large Model 5.0 at the HDC 2024 conference. Zhang Pingan – the CEO of Huawei Cloud talked about how the new model will reshape the thousands of industries with its prominent capabilities.

Zhang says that the Huawei Pangu Model 5.0 has three prime features: fits accurately per different business scenarios, is a multi-style model, and bears powerful thinking. The OEM divided it into 4 series with different parameter scales. These are:

  • Pangu E Series: It supports smart apps on phones, tablets, PCs, and other devices with a 1 billion parameter level.
  • Pangu P Series: It has a 10-billion parameter level and is perfect for low-latency and low-cost reasoning conditions.
  • Pangu U Series: This line is available in two variants: 135-billion and 230-billion parameters. Both are capable of managing complex operations and can also work as a base for large models.
  • Pangu S Series: It contains trillion-level parameters and can manage AI technology-related situations such as cross-domain or multi-tasks.
Huawei Pangu Model 5.0

Huawei Pangu Model 5.0 goes official (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

The new model consists of distinct parameters and top-level specs to adopt any business condition. It can better learn as well as understand the real world via text, images, videos, radar, remote sensing, infrared, and other formats.

Strong thinking is another significant capability of Pangu Model 5.0. It merges the chain and strategy search technology to perform arithmetic and logical tasks more efficiently.

Huawei also integrated the industry’s first STCG (space-time controllable generation)  technology into the new model for effective content generation. This will also help in focusing on multiple scenarios like autonomous driving, industrial production, construction, and more.

STCG enables the model to follow physics laws. As a result, it helps in smooth transitions of the vehicle and enhances natural driving even in weather conditions.


The Chinese tech giant used Shenzhen’s Robotics tech to build up Pangu Embodied Intelligence Big Model. This smart product can allow billions of end-side devices to run on autonomous intelligence and manage a variety of operations independently.

Pangu Model 5.0 is also integrated into

Huawei Pangu Model 5.0

Huawei Pangu Model 5.0 features (Image Credits: Huawei)

a new Celia super assistant which is way smarter, smoother, and more realistic. It can schedule your trips based on the weather situations and gets improved by learning and adapting to your habits.

It also accelerates the device AI experience and ensures a cross-border collaboration in several sectors for the continuous development of a solid smarter foundation.

Last year, the company deployed the Pangu Model in 30+ industries and used it in 400+ different scenarios such as education, finance, medical research, government affairs, coal mining, steel, railways, autonomous driving, and more. It would be worth seeing what new the company has planned this year.

Huawei Pangu Model 5.0

Pangu Model 5.0 applications (Image Credits: HuaweiCloud)

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