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Huawei chips allegedly gain popularity with AI boxes, overtaking Nvidia in China



Huawei AI boxes chips Nvidia

Huawei-Nvidia fight for AI chips has got a new turn with the China-made AI boxes. The Chinese tech giant has allegedly started gaining popularity for its artificial intelligence processors, leaving behind the U.S. chipmaker in the home ground.

The increasing demand for Huawei chips over Nvidia results from AI boxes growth in China. It is generally an all-in-one cost-effective product for small enterprises to obtain quick responses regarding industry and other operations-related queries.

AI boxes use various chips like Huawei Ascend 910B, industry algorithms, as well as pre-trained large AI models. Other than industries, it is quite an essential segment to fulfill the AI computing requirements in every sector of the region.

Being a budget-friendly machine, Chinese companies have now started gearing up the development of AI boxes with the help of Huawei Ascend processors.

Further insights mention that the Ascend chip group has 40 hardware and 1600 software partners with 2900 AI application solutions. The General Manager at TML networking start-up Russel Wu describes how Huawei is moving ahead of others:

“Huawei is taking the lead in China’s localization drive because of its technological abilities.”

Nvidia Huawei AI chip competitor

Nvidia Chips

China supports!

Many Chinese industries like Tianjin Sitonholy (a Nvidia chip supplier), and AI start-up SenseTime have launched their AI boxes equipped with Huawei chips in recent times and announced that they are doing quite well in the Chinese market.

This is how Huawei is achieving a new boost in the AI semiconductor market, overtaking Nvidia. Even though the U.S. chipmaker released many new AI processors in China, the Chinese OEM is fighting back well with native region support.

Nvidia on the other hand, is trying to respond with price-drop on its chips. A few analysts say that Huawei is ready to control the AI processor market with the help of local enterprises and consumer support. Yet the overall growth still depends on how the tech maker takes on its production.

Brady Wang – the Associate Director of the Counterpoint research firm says that Huawei is not far away to obtain the top position in its home ground against Nvidia.

Huawei AI boxes chips Nvidia

Huawei vs Nvidia: AI chips war (Image Credits: Huawei)

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