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Huawei Children’s Watch 5X officially unveiled



Huawei Children's Watch 5X unveiled

Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series smartwatches are officially unveiled and it’s specially designed for children. Compared to its predecessor, Huawei Children’s Watch 5X Pro has a unique detachable design. One side of the watch is a color OLED display, the other side is a black and white segment code screen, and both are equipped with cameras, which can ensure users’ video calls need.

Yes, the dual-sided switch mechanism is designed especially for a specific scenario.

After switching to the black-and-white segment code screen, Huawei Children’s Watch 5X Pro will automatically switch to the do-not-disturb mode, which is more suitable for learning scenes.

At the same time, after taking off the main body of the watch, it is more convenient for children to take pictures with friends, or look up word translation through the camera.

Huawei Children’s Watch 5X has a number of security features. This smartwatch supports indoor high-precision positioning in 8000+ shopping malls, airports, high-speed rail stations, and other scenes, and can rely on the surrounding Huawei smartphones to assist in positioning even when the watch is turned off and there is no network, ensuring the safety of children.

Huawei Children's Watch 5X unveiled

In terms of apps, Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series is unveiled with an end-to-end security monitoring mechanism, which can maximize the protection of information purity and app security, and ensure the privacy and security of data.

Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series is currently available for pre-order online. The Huawei Children’s Watch 5X Pro starts at 1998 yuan (287 USD, 272 EUR), and the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X starts at 1598 yuan (229 USD, 217 EUR).

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